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    the middle ones made me think of someone running/dancing. Why you gotta make it so morbid

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    Sad Ditto is sad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    It doesent matter if if you're black or white!
    This doesn't apply for dogs.

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    He is the life of guilds he has never joined.
    He once had a noobish moment- just to see what it felt like.
    If he were to beat you in a duel, you would have to fight the strong urge to thank him.
    The Lunar Elders have a holiday in which they honor him.
    He can speak Darnassian. In Orcish.
    He is: The Most Interesting Man in the World of Warcraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedwarrior View Post

    What the eff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by icedwarrior View Post
    no need to be sad yo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    oh my god..... I don't.... that.... That is PERFECT! I've watched it like 100 times and I'm still laughing.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Now, Waaldo is prepared to look for this person like Prince Charming testing everyone to see just how bad their psychological disorder is if their foot fits in the glass slipper.

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    Sexist jokes are;
    A> only funny to sexists, and
    B> still sexist.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nazrark View Post
    ITT: Donald Trump and Pepe Trump troll each other.

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