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    And to make you squirm,

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    Who needs a shark if we got a cat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endonyx View Post
    Who needs a shark if we got a cat!

    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    Mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all powerful bitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryPie View Post
    I want that 30 seconds of my life back. Seriously, that link should come with a warning 'this will waste your time.'


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    oh man that car park... the rage... the rage!
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    the best pic of 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Wolf View Post
    So a dog raised his paw and the owner gets arrested for hate crime? Scotland has officially gone full retard mode. (and before someone mentions that the dog was seeing Hitler, so fucking what? Unless the dog specifically raised his paw and spoke the words Heil Hitler then i could understand but the dog was just raising his fuckin paw nothing else!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post
    the best pic of 2012.

    Hozen for the new Horde race!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Hozen for the new Horde race!
    Killing spacegoats (draenei), seems legit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by studkaw View Post
    Killing spacegoats (draenei), seems legit.
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    he wasnt running after the goat he was running from the panda the gnome and the 2 humans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post

    Or what the purpose is.

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    Omg mind blown!!!
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