The B Team is a progression raiding guild that raids Friday and Saturday nights 8pm to 11pm CST. The guild is run by 10/10 Heroic leaders. Who also have experience leading mythic guilds.

The guild is currently 10/10 Normal, and 9/10 Heroic, and looking for DPS to push for more content! 660 ilvl min plz. We also have a need for a non disc priest heals.

We strive to push content while keeping the game fun. We love to joke around on vent, and play other games with each other. We're looking for players who come ready to raid, and know what joining a raiding guild means. Full enchants/gems, knowledge of fights, crafted 685's If you're willing to put in the effort we're willing to play with you.

The ultimate goal of the guild is to clear heroic content in a good time frame for every tier of raids, and push mythic after that. The reason we play this game is to raid, and we're looking for others with that mindset.

My B-Tag is Pinkk#1858 and I look forward to talking with anyone who either wants more information or is interested in joining! Hope to hear from you soon!