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    14/14H [A] Kel'Thuzad <Indestructible>

    [A] Kel'Thuzad [A] <Indestructible> 14/14Heroic 3Day
    Not a fan of extremely long recruitment posts. So here is ours.

    About us:
    25 man
    3 nights a week, 4 hours a night, which equals 12 hours a week! Monday - Wednesday (7:00 MST - 11:00 PST)
    Loot Council
    Raiding is completely free once you make raider, our officers have you covered (flasks/foods)

    Recruitment Needs:

    Exceptional Players of all classes
    Death Knight

    How to Apply:
    Click apply @ www.weareindestructible.com, fill it out, do work, if you do not have logs available or a screenshot please make the effort in getting them - if you do not know how to log your own LFR's/flex

    seek me out in game with any questions: Inkarnate#1420

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    This guild sounds pretty neat.

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    yea we are p cool

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    need more thugs

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    bump for farming 14/14

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    Need moarr

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    bump we play dota and d3 and stuff

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    still looking for more

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    long time no bump

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    farm bosses, sell kills etc

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