Hello, my name is Headreaper. I am currently on the server Proudmoore, and am a veteran hardcore raider who is coming back to raiding seriously from a break due to life and a PC rebuild. I am an adult, age 33, and conduct myself and my playability as such. I have been playing casually since my return due to gear catch up and my slot in my current guild's raid being occupied long ago. I never expected them to bench someone with 30 ilvl higher than me just because I showed back up, lets be real. I am however seriously looking for a steady raid that can eventually clear heroic Garrosh. I would prefer if this was a 25 man raid, was Alliance, and my raid times of availability are from 9pm to 1am eastern daily. This probably suits most west coast guilds, as that translates to 6pm to 10pm. Hey, what can I say, I work 6 days a week, lol. Now, my previous experience has been since BC, and I have raided hardcore and ranked in multiple tiers of content. I have hit top 200 and top 150 ranks US on WoL in DS, FL, Uld, LK, Naxx, and as recently as the opening raids of MoP while they were groundbreaking content. I still have a home in my guild at current, which is basically a super guild and the best 25 man on Proudmoore as well as multiple 10 mans, and have been assured a spot for mythic in WoD, but I want to kill Garrosh heroic. I have cleared normal content and normal Garrosh easily months ago, with an ilvl that wouldn't have got me into a flex group. My battle tag is Headtaker #1389, ad me if you need a great skilled DK with a well rounded playstyle and advanced self reliant skills and knowledge.