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    8/10M 700 MW Monk and Hunter LF guild

    We are a packaged deal. We both have been playing the game for awhile now. We are looking for a stable guild one that has worked to build stability for 2+ years. We want a guild of similar progression 8/10M no guilds any less than that please. Alliance is preferred but we could transfer Horde if it was the right fit. Our times are late night 10pm Central to 1am any day.

    Please feel free to contact me Solarstar#1501

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    Hey Eileynn,

    We are <Prejudice>.

    7/7 Mythic
    8/10 Mythic

    Raid Schedule:
    Tuesday: 7:30-11:30 PM CST
    Thursday: 7:30-11:30 PM CST
    Sunday: 7:30-11:30 PM CST
    We do not raid overtime.

    Our loot is handled through a Loot Council system with priority given to attendance.

    We are looking for one or two more solid players who are committed and reliable to finish out our roster and the tier.

    You can check out some of our videos over on our WoWProgress page to get a feel for what we're like in raid. If you're interested or require more information, feel free to contact me through my BTag: EGS#1137.

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    Hey! Tries on Trash is a horde guild currently recruiting! We are on Ner'zhul. we are 7/7m and 8/10m currently. we raid tues/wed/thurs 9-12 cst. if you are interested please apply on our website, triesontrash.guildlaunch.com. my btag is throat 1987, you could also message me here. Thanks for your time

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