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    Bastion of Twilight was my first raid.

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    my first raid was onyxia at lvl 60 was so much fun there

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    scholomance/UBRS/strat...one of these, cant really remember cause i didnt see them as raids...just a bigger grp - MC is the first raid of my heart <3

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    My first raid was Zul'Gurub at level 59. Cool raid, too bad I played Paladin with 5minutes-buffs. (As level 59 I did not have all Greater-buffs available).

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    Gruul's Lair.... or maybe Kara? I don't remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maluko View Post
    My first raid was Molten Core, at LVL 56...

    My guild had 2 spot left and they brought me for shit and giggles, i remember downing Ragnaros back when he was fucking hard, we were the 4th guild in our server to kill him

    BTW UBRS, Scholo and Strat werent raid instances, stop saying those were your first raids lol... yeah i know you could raid em but that's beside the point
    1. Molten core has always been 58+
    2."downing Ragnaros back when he was fucking hard" -> he was never hard.
    3. LBRS/UBRS, Scholo and Strat -> 15man, 10man & 10man -> raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by immoralsoul View Post
    what the heck is this game and where can i get it? it reminds me so much of the old text only dungeon crawlers haha
    That was Everquest back in early 2000 before any expansions hit the shelves, "vanilla EQ" if you'd like.

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    WoW was my first mmo and I started playing just when TBC came out, so... Karazhan. Not the worst raid to start with

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    My first raid was MC and I go my T1-Bracers from the Trash. It was my first epic and I was in love with it for like 1 week
    "Pathes emerge , by walking them."

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    Gruul's Lair.
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    UBRS would be first, else Zul'Gurub, was an epic feeling being responsible for kiting Drakki for the first time ^^

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    ZG, was after they tuned down brs/stratholme to just 5 man dungeons. So much fun.

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    Stratholme. But when talking of those big raids, mc as a warlock

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    Think is was Onyxia if you dont count the old UBRS /stratholme raids. As a Mage if i remember correctly.

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    Karazhan, was quite fun i remember getting to chess and being like 'WTF THERE IS CHESS IN THIS GAME????' was awesome

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    Karazhan Loved that place. One of the most creepiest places on Azeroth. The music in there gave me goosebumps.

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    Zul Gurub, unless you count Ubrs / lbrs etc

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    That was ICC. Our guild had 2 10mans and they took my warrior tank to ICC and made me tank first bosses up to Putricide. I had shaking hands.
    They did not even explained all 3 phases to me because they did not thought i will survive. But i did and got Facelifter off him.

    My best raid season so far is this patch - Firelands. My main now is a healer - tried to level resto druid and discovered that i love healing more than tanking and our guild always lack healers.
    For the very first time our guild is doing very well in FL heroic modes. Yes i know for many guilds 2/7HC is "meh" but for our guild it is a notable acomplishment

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