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    Probably Naxx 80.
    Since I started playing in pirate servers, then joined vanilla when it was ending, continued with bc and quit for over a year until I returned with wotlk.
    Probably all the years before raiding in Naxx were fullfiled with solo leveling, small dungeons and such. I was younger and my deeds and time couldn't be spend on raiding. But yeah, I don't really know, probably I stepped some raid without even knowing it, oh my early noob days.

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    My first raid was UBRS, I was a paladin healing with a cloth robe (dress), and when Nefarius yelled "KILL THE ONE IN THE DRESS!", I was really worried he would send the whelps at me, was as awesome as it gets.
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    Obsidian Sanctum 25.

    I even got the plate dps helm. [Titans Outlook] I believe.

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    Kharazan and proud.

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    Kharazan and proud.
    Same here, and BT right next, we chain-wiped on the Illidari Council, though.

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    Karahzan. Best raid Blizzard has ever designed.

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    Molten Core was the first "real" raid I did. I obviously did UBRS but it wasn't as large as MC.

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    Wrath naxx 25, all i remember from it is being dead 90% of the fights.

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    Icecrown Citadel, after it was nefred already I assume.
    Idk because I wasn't really aware of anything (still quite noob) then.

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    Scholomance or UBRS, can't remember...

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    Molten Core was my first real raid.

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    Ever? Lady Vox

    In WoW Scholomance.

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    My first current-content raid was Black Wing Descent. Magmaw scared the shit out of me the first time I saw him.

    First raid was... Ulduar, I think. Was 83 and doing mount achieves.

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    UBRS / Strat runs were raids back then so id obviously say them
    first proper guild raid was ofcourse Molten Core. No voice comms, a online DKP database and making everyone update CTRA to the exact same one and the first pack of molten giants followed by (if you were unlucky) 2 Fire Elementals was a darn nightmare
    Oh, and "INNERVATE THE PRIEST" was really annoying

    Good times. Down ranked regrowth spam ftw.

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    Karazhan and I won't ever forget it. Had a lot of fun in there.

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    I was not even level 60; won the T0 robes and couldn't even wear them

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    First raid was MC back in Vanilla was a lot different than raiding now. I remember having to stock up on bandages because DPS did not get healed at all. I don't count UBRs and Strat I am counting 40 man raids.

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    Ulduar. Did the Leviathon for the weekly in 25man. It. Was. Amazing
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    My first raid was Karazhan. I played in vanilla WoW, but my highest level character was 52 when Burning Crusade was released. I didn't get to do vanilla raids until much later.

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