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    Molten Core, on my brother's account though, and it was in early TBC, only reason I had a chance at entering it by that time. Was such a Molten Core-fanboy back then, oh god was I hyped, that was until I found out how bad I was at tanking and ended up being kicked. Good times.

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    UBRS, full raid, but I didnt know it was a raid. I was such a noob. had a great time too.

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    ZG. Technically I was on my friend's character and died so within a minute each time because I had no clue what was going on. I bought WoW the next day.
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    My first raid EVER? Lady Vox in Everquest. /nod

    You didn't specify which game....

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    Karazhan, best raid bliz ever made imo, also, got the mount on my first run didnt know what was going on though... still use it to this day

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    Kara. Was brought in for interrupts on Shade (rogue).

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    Molten Core in late BC, I wanted to raid so badly that my guild finally pulled some people together for me, it was wonderful.
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    UBRS all day baby.

    I took the game too slow in vanilla to experience Scholo as a raid before they changed it. I mostly did exploring and avoided looking at strategy sites. I almost wish they kept it that way.
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    It was in the new Raid Finder, and its was GREAT!

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    OS3D... Got replaced cuz my dps was to low haha!! That was way back when I didn't even know what a rotation was xD (I wasnt lvl 80 for that long and new to the game :P) Remembering those times makes roflmao..!! xD

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    Karazhan followed by Ulduar... yeah I got a very good intro to raids

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    I think it was Molten Core, shortly after TBC launch at around 61 or something.

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    Kara, was brought in to heal maiden.

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    Karazan, specifically at Curator. Then a few days later I joined another group and wondered why I couldn't do it again, it had been at least a day, right ?

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    that world boss dragon in duskwood.. had to prove myself before doomwalker!
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    That would probably be Molten Core.
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    Karazhan in 2.0
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    Karazhan obvs. Most epic raid ever! Went through normal progression in BC.

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    80 Naxx. I remember going in and hearing "I hear little hearts beating.. yes, beating faster now. Soon the beating.. will stop." And just getting massive chills. I still love that place.

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