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    molten core then karazhan

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    UBRS 15 man at level 54. Picked up Shadowcraft Gloves for my Rogue on my very first run!

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    Hmmm its been so long I had to check feats, but Onyxia 60 was my very first raid. Although, it was right in the middle of 3.1 and I was busy getting carried through it ^_^ And dying. A lot. It was the very place I learned that stepping on cracks breaks your own back, and you should avoid them like the plague.

    First raid when it was current though was ICC10. Ahh the long nights of my guild of baddies wiping on LK and then killing him at 2am with 2 pugs. /nostalgicsigh

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    Gruul. It was a nightmare. My computer was so crappy I couldn't even see those cave in things and the RL kept getting super pissed at me for dying -- he blamed me specifically for the fact they couldn't kill Gruul. I wasn't standing next to anyone, just kept dying to the cave ins.

    It was kind of funny, for all of the crap I went through on my first raid, by the time I left that server they pretty much couldn't raid without me since I was their most reliable healer.

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    I remember my first raid. It was Karazhan. My guild and I still laugh about it to this day given how much we have accomplished since then... I play a Prot warrior named Baratus on Kil'jaeden but at the time my first and only toon was my mage Dangos.

    We pulled Midnight:

    Raid Leader: "Dangos get the curses off so we can DPS!"
    Me: "How do you know if someone has a curse?"
    Everyone else: *facepalm*

    Definitely my best raid moment ever.

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    UBRS @ lvl60

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    Molten Core - Lucifron. UBRS, if you count UBRS as a raid, which I don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon537 View Post
    That made me lol :-)
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    UBRS was my first and also best feeling raid.

    I can remember i was like WoooooW!! Kewl!!

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    probably UBRS or ZG. cant remember.

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    First raid, well, considering Upper Blackrock Spire at the time was a 10-man instance, that counts as a raid I s'pose

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    Molten Core as level 57 warlock.

    So i did that before UBRS, which people seem to consider a raid :P
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    Strat was my first raid... but if not counting that my first raid would be the silithus summon boss you do at exalted rep for Cenarion Circle. Farmed all the way to exalted prior to AQ zones being released and then contacted a guild and offered them a chance at the loot for helping me to get the shard the boss drops. That got me in with the guild and lead to raiding all through Vanilla.
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    Naxx 10(WotLK). started playing end tbc, had an 80 early wotlk. anyone else had naxx as their first raid?

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    ToC... started playing while it was highest tier raid.
    But if priv servers count, so it was Magtheridon's Lair

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    Molten Core in full awesome Lightforge that came fresh from dungeons.
    Can't believe its been 7 years since I've played this game :\
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    Karazhan and it was epic as hell, still remember first moments

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    Karazhan, was there at level 69 and i got boosted through it. It was awesome and we got a full clear. Yet I had no idea what I was doing..

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    Naxx 25!! haha such good times!

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