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    Molten Core or Zul'Gurub on my brothers hunter.
    On my warlock it was vanilla era Onyxia. She definitely deep breathes more if you have bad gear so it was a rough time but we got through it :0

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    Golestandt - Albion Dragon in Dark Age of Camelot

    But that was only pve the absolut first raid must have been a relic raid in DAoC (pvp-raid)
    Numbers were 100 people upwards ^^ (that was when mmo's still had that first M of mmo for massive)

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    my first raid ever was the fridge

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    If we're counting Scholo UBRS or Strat one of them couldn't tell you which otherwise was MC.

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    Kara, and it's still my all time favorite with Ulduar as a close second. The first time you met your raid at the summon stone, the suspense... ^^

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    MC on my brother's Resto Shaman. I had no idea how to play the game, or at least I was a complete scrub.
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    Karazhan, and it's still my favorite. The chess event (awesomest "boss" ever), the Opera (second awesomest), and so much more great stuff. Even the music and the look. It was great!

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    Kharazan. It was fucking awesome. Why can't blizzard make more raids like that what are we getting now?

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    Level 80 Naxx25, in a pug.

    I remember a friend of mine had shown me tankspot; where I watched all of Ciderhelm's Naxx guides. I remember being so nervous because I didn't want to mess something up.

    I tend to have much fonder memories of Naxx than most other players.

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    Molten Core of course
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    Karazhan, and it's still my favorite. The chess event (awesomest "boss" ever), the Opera (second awesomest), and so much more great stuff. Even the music and the look. It was great!
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    My first raid was Naxx. Got an epic on my first boss too... was so excited for that purple.

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    Black temple while i was a mega noooob on my mates account for lols.

    On my actual account Naxx 25! And got sever second missed out by something silly like 6 mins!
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    The Wetlands....seriously.

    Ok so it was more of a PvP raid, but it was our guilds first organized raid. It was back in Vanilla days. Most people were still in their upper 20's to lower 30's. Highest level person on the server was a level 50 Paladin (Alliance). This would have been on my guilds original server Shattered Hand. My guild was horde, <The Jolly Rogers> and I think at the time there was a Warrior quest in The Wetlands. Some of our warriors were having a time getting it completed due to the shear number of Alliance in the zone.

    So, we decided to get a group of us together and sack the place. It was sooo much fun, but we were so green (most of us were in greens in fact). We were doing pretty well holding our own even though I think our rag-tag band of about 20 guys were still outnumber...until that level 50 pally showed up. So we wiped, rez'd back in and regrouped and headed over to Menethil Harbor and the small wooden bridge just outside of it. There we held our position, again greatly outnumbered, until that pally showed up again.

    I really miss doing things like that. Sadly our guild is no longer together and most of those original guys dont even play anymore. Someone has a video of it somewhere. if I can find it I will link it here.

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    MC my cousin wasnt home to raid so he asked me to raid for him

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    Kara for me, that place was awesome.
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    Private servers count ? It was Black Temple. Else it was Trial of the Crusader.
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    ZG but that was when TBC was already out. Still felt amazing, but yet so confusing.
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