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    ZG on my Druid, I was there at level 58, because they were short on people, but I was not invited back till I was level 60 hehe

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    Molten Core pug... what a mess!

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    Friends took me to UBRS 10man

    that epic felling and excitement, and cloth robe for mage at end, BLUE one!!! was so happy for it.

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    My guild needed a 10th for obsidium sanctum. I was 80 for only a few days, and had just started running heroics. It was very exciting, even though I of course died to the flame wall more often than I'd like to admit...

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    zul aman on a private server

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    Kara, best raid ever!

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    First raid was Kara... love it... other than the fact it took about 20+ kills to get my tier gloves and I was first in line for them (as a lock). Then went to Gruul's lair seemed like it needed so much coordination, dont know how the knuckleheads I play with pulled it off. At that point it looked like my raiding career was coming to an end. Couldn't get enough people for 25m. Switched servers, joined a new guild that I pugged Kara with and went on to kill Archi and Illidan. Ah such great memories!

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    Stratholme pug, didnt go well.

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    stratholme class run lol, it was a mess. we really needed those two extra people. since there were only 8 classes for the horde and it was a 10man raid :P

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    Probably ICC

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    Molten core...never gonna forget that ^^

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    UBRS. Fond memories of many failed attempts to kite Drakky out of the room with a hunter while we tried (and failed) to take down the other two mobs.

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    Karazahn. Started raiding when BC came out. Didn't really get past tier5. But those were the days!

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    ICC; I remember we were doing the first wing and had a few problems on Deathwhisper due to a lot of us being newbs. Gunship was always a joke. Then we had Saurfang and I remember vividly that we killed him our last attempt of the night, right as our raid time ended, and we were all cheering and everything over vent. It was great.
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    Zul Gurub. I think I was healing, but I cant be sure because I was dead for pretty much the whole time.

    It was a long time before I raided again after that.

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    UBRS for me (even though I've never thought of it as a "real" raid) followed shortly after by MC and ZG.

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    Karazhan and I loved it. Made a bunch of good friends in that guild. Ahh, the memories.

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    Do the Wailing Caverns or UBRS count?

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    10 man brs/strat were 10 man instances if i recall, but if they count as raids then Strat must be the first, on a lvl 52 rogue, on 20 december 2005 if i remember right. I remember winning the cloack, wich was quite a good item back then, i felt like santa came early and was super happy.
    If the 10 man dont count then it must be ZG20 in early 2006 with my holy pala as a dispell bot I won some blue shield that i still have in bank.

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    Plane of Fear in EQ, but if you mean wow only, UBRS/MC

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