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    Kara, back when it was major progression content.

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    it was karazhan. my hands were shaking while tanking trash.

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    Well, my first raid was UBRS. First once per week raid I did was Molten Core.

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    Karazhan, i was tanking attumen with 10k HP no def cap, the tanking glove dropped, i was happy since the MT didnt need it, sadly got ninja'd by my own guildie who was dps ... first raid, first ninja

    I still run kara weekley just for the sake of glorious memories i had in there, i wish those times would come back

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    Upper Blackrock Spire here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by commanderbeatdown View Post
    Upper Blackrock Spire here.
    Judging by the amount of UBRS posters, there's a lot more fellow vanilla veterans here than I thought.
    That makes me a happy panda.
    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Sunwell here

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    Gruuls lair, followed by kara a few weeks later

    good times ;D

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    I believe... Molten Core? Pretty sure I didn't skip directly to BWL.

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    Kara was my first major raid I believe.

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    First raid ever would've been AQ 40 just after the gates opened on my server but I was convinced they wouldn't want a crappy level 61 mage.

    First actual raid was Naxx @ 80 and I was totally mind-blown by the place. I even remember having to ask my friend who invited me which portal I should go in since there were 4 and I had no clue back then LOL.
    And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

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    Upper Blackrock Spire.

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    UBRS was my first raid (15man). Molten Core after in Vanilla.

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    LBRS I was not even 60 yet and my GM let me come in for a little bit and heal while the guild was waiting for more lvl 60's to come online

    While I was there I was really lucky and got a piece of Elements gear! (Dungeon set 1) I was one happy Shammy that day.
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    Karazhan -- Attumen the Huntsman, I was scared shitless because my guild had kept telling me I wasn't ready and I did everything I possibly could and someone didn't show so I got the opportunity, haven't let go of raiding since! Had my elixir of healing power and golden fish sticks ready healers you know what im talkin about if you played early BC!

    Back in my day, we killed bosses 400 times a day...uphill both ways...in the snow...and we fucking liked it. In related news, I hear that uninstalling WoW completely from your hard drive and then reinstalling it resets your RNG numbers. -septor

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    Dire Maul tribute run. FML :S
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    Nathanos Blightcaller anyone?

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    stratholme 10 man

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