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    Mine was either UBRS or original ZG. Can't remember which I went into first. I do remember trying to run MC on a DSL network (yes, a DSL connection that was shared with about 60 other people in the building. MAN that was horrid lag).

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    My first raid was classic Zg, but it was back in TBC. After i hit 70 my guild started taking me to kara - good old days back then...
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    Molten Core

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    I think i went on a MC run while levelling my first paladin. First proper level appropriate raid would have been Naxx, wasnt high enough during tbc.

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    First raid was Ulduar 25. I was a horribad and brand new player. My dad gave me a 55 on my account so I could make a Death Knight. went in with his guild and won the helm off of FL. Got kicked out right after because I didn't know what vent was.

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    1st ever raid was a PVP one, in the first days of WoW. Through Barrens chat we gathered at the Crossroads and made 2 raids with about 60 people in total. Then marched against Astranaar. Alliance peeps found out and gathered to make a defense, also Alliance: Horde ratio was like 5:1, as was the case with most servers back then.

    We used the Undead players to go underwater and attack from the rear (back then you couldn't stay long underwater, except for Undead who had a racial). Fun times. The highest level player on the server was like 54.

    PVE would be either UBRS or 10-man Scholomance.

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    The Battle of Darrowshire back when it was a raid quest.

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    few people know .. back in the days, Scholomance and Stratholm were actually 10 man raids ... ubrs was 15 man ... been there, done that!

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    Yeah, Strat was my first raid. I'm old >.<

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    Either old Onyxia or old ZG, forget which was first.
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    Dis is not what u mean but
    Teh battle between Tarren Mill and Southshore
    LEGENDARY days. Better than any raid instance will ever be.
    Prolly the best thing ever in wow. Ahhh, so much killing.
    I wish that one day we'll get that back... somehow

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    Kara and I was nervous as hell :P

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    I think my first official raid on my own character was karazhan during the scourge invasion.

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    SSC because the guild I was in at that time had issues and needed to fill in the slots.

    I never entered kara and I only had a few epics thanks to heroics and badge gear (epic offhand and trinket I think).

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    Karazhan .. good old days

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    Funny for me to say but my first raid was Black Temple the day after I hit 70 on my warrior tank didn't know anything in it but I tried my best lol

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    zul'gurub as lvl 61 in wrath

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    Technically it was UBRS since it was considered a 'raid' back then, but Zul'Gurub in the more traditional sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draconess View Post
    Funny for me to say but my first raid was Black Temple the day after I hit 70 on my warrior tank didn't know anything in it but I tried my best lol
    You must've been fucking fast getting attuned to BT the day after you hit 70, wish I was that fast. And a tank with what? Green and blues having just leveled to 70? You'd not be dodge capped, def capped, block or nothing, you'd literally get 1 shot by the first mob. 1/10
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    My first raid was not really "my" raid. I was visiting a friend's place. And at the time I was still a total noob and only like level 46 on my hunter. When I was at my friend's place he was raiding Molten Core as a Restoration Shaman. He told me to take over for him for a bit while he made and ate his pizza. I was just supposed to press button 1-3 and click on those who had low health. I was so nervous, and I let the raid know I took over for the slacker. Later when I got home and logged on to continue leveling my scrubby hunter I got a whisper from the raid leader telling me I did a better job than my friend healing and they wish I was raiding with them lol. Good old days!

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    my first raid i experienced myself was ZG back in classic i wanst plaing but a firnd was playing he was playing a hunter and they were doing the tiger boss my first raid i did myself was kharazan
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