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    My first raid was not really "my" raid. I was visiting a friend's place. And at the time I was still a total noob and only like level 46 on my hunter. When I was at my friend's place he was raiding Molten Core as a Restoration Shaman. He told me to take over for him for a bit while he made and ate his pizza. I was just supposed to press button 1-3 and click on those who had low health. I was so nervous, and I let the raid know I took over for the slacker. Later when I got home and logged on to continue leveling my scrubby hunter I got a whisper from the raid leader telling me I did a better job than my friend healing and they wish I was raiding with them lol. Good old days!

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    my first raid i experienced myself was ZG back in classic i wanst plaing but a firnd was playing he was playing a hunter and they were doing the tiger boss my first raid i did myself was kharazan
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    T11 for me. ):
    It was BWD.
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    Karazhan, during TBC. Good times.

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    My first raid was Karazhan!

    Back when I was rocking a Hemo dagger spec on my rogue.

    Yup, I was that clueless
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    UBRS :,)


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    Wailing caverns , but as for actual end content.. it was prolly MC or UBRS, dont remember which

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    Kara, on my warlock.

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    I'm pretty new player started in Feb '12. First raid instance I ever entered was TK at level 85 (with crap gear), watched some vids how to solo it and got pwned hard by kaelthas. First actual content raid - DS at 15% nerf, got up to Hagara with really bad pug that wiped even on normal morchok.

    Still this didn't stopped me from rising to top 5% progress playerbase, finished MV before HOF opened, finished DS HC before 5.04 dropped etc. The only thing that I miss out on are some vanity feats of strength, don't care bout them anyway.

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    Raid on Sen'jin village!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JajaBongs View Post
    ehm...whut? As FIRST raid? I dont think so

    btw, mc for me
    Maybe, when 3.0 hit all the raid bosses were nerfed so hard, they were more faceroll than LFR is today. So I guess it's possible he geared up with craftables and heroic MGT and got carried through it.

    Anyway, Kara was my first.

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    I was really really bad at that time.
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    Yet another UBRS here.
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    It was either KZ or MH, I can't remember.

    First time in MH was soooo epic
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    UBRS, I got my Wildheart Vest that run and was stoked. Blues were awesome back then, and my entire goal in WoW back in those days was to complete the Wildheart set.

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    Baradin Hold to be precise, but not counting such not-really-raids it's BWD

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    My first raid was BWD. We were on Maloriak and I was tasked with interrupting Arcane Storm... being a first time raider and not having DBM it didn't turn out too good.

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    I'm a late BC child but I didn't know about real raiding till wrath and my first raid then was naxx. Sadly to say I was carried since I was reeeeeal shitty back then...

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