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    Black Temple. I remember joining in late BC and doing it for the first time. Heck I even remember I struggled finding the way in to the instance due to the weird entrance as I thought it would be on that huge door (silly me but I was new).

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    25 man ICC while Cata/BWD was latest (for someone's legendary thingy), it felt so awesome to see that many people killing stuff together. Was first time i heard about jeeves, had to whisper a guy asking what was that

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    Expansion 6 (and fast)
    Onyxia <3
    That girl never gets old.
    Professional glass cannon since 2004. I live and die a mage.

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    Wrath Naxx it was either Patchwerk or Thaddius but i was hella fail for thaddius everyone hates me

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    Onyxia (60).

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    Scarlet monestary was my 1st raid, bit wierd you could do that with 10 man but hey, it was a raid
    And we all got the scarlet key as a bonus ^^ great times

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    First one ever would be SSC, downed like one or two bosses but hardly can remember considering I was just running around casting random spells and being amazed.

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    This would be much more interesting with a poll.

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    Can't believe this thread is still active, and better yet i'm still raiding

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    Molten Core or Onyxia. I don't really count UBRS as raid.

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    Gruuls Layer - Early 2007. I had no idea what I was doing, and it was fun.

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    Started late BC.
    Only killed two bosses in Sunwell.
    Didn't clear my first whole raid until 3.0, Naxx2, etc.
    We stopped searching for monsters under our beds when we realized that they were inside us.

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    Molten Core. After 2 or 3 runs ending at, but not killing Rag, I realized how much I hated the place and my guild :P

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    Naxx 80, it was awesome, would love if I could see the older version...

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    I was pugged into another guild's AQ20 or Ony run.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up but..you know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still?
    ...as much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

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    UBRS would be the first. I never 10manned Strat or Scholo, always 5 manned those. Then MC would be the first big raid. Good times on my Hunter. God I was bad.

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    UBRS. Got my Draconian Deflector there on my first run /sigh. My first REAL piece of end game gear (because, let's face it, most end game gear was blue for A LOT of people in Classic). Then on to MC and Ony.
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    25man OS pug, was VERY epic imo. and i never got hit by a lava wave! still love the shit out of OS to this day. OS<3 *takes red tinted glasses off* Yeahhh....

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    Zul'Gurub back in Wrath, so after it was current content. But it was a group of anyone level 40-80, my char was like level 50 at the time. It was fun.

    Actually can't remember if it was ZG or Onyxia-40.
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