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    I remember it! I was level 57 (maybe 56?) and I did a Baron run in Strath with a friend. I got the dagger from the last boss and I couldn't even equip it!

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    random pug raid: naxx at level 80
    organized raid: ICC when it got released with the guild i still raid with to this day ^_^

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    Honestly I love and appreciate all raids that have been implemented in the game. If I had to chose one specifically I would choose Heroic TOGC.. NO TRASH WAHOOOO or AQ40 - RED MOUNT IS MINE.

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    Naxx 2.0.

    This is probably why I do not hate it like the majority of people I speak to.

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    Officially it was ZG but it was a bunch of 70's doing an 60's raid.

    Unofficially, Kara was my first "At-Level" raid. Awww fond memories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy88 View Post
    Officially it was ZG but it was a bunch of 70's doing an 60's raid.

    Unofficially, Kara was my first "At-Level" raid. Awww fond memories.
    Tarren mill/SS raid. Then ony or lucifron.

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    For me it was Kara, love that place to this day. Actually I love all the T4 raids they were the bomb.

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    Also got the mount from the first boss...7 years ago and that was the last time I really was lucky with mountdrops

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    Gruul's Lair.

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    probably MC, maybe aq 20

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    Ifit is a bigger than 5 man raid than it would be strat ds at level 54 (weird experience btw because i was such a low level i couldn't do any dmg at all it was either resist or miss all the way through the instance)^^
    first regular raid 40 man would be MC.

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    It is also the bestest raid.
    Ah, a guest from Gridania. I thought I smelled leaf mold.

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    classic molten core . 40man best time ever .

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    Ubrs! /10char

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    my first actual raid was lvl 80 naxx 10 man, a random guy whispered me if i wanted to come along, and after the raid i joined their guild and had the best time in WoW ever.

    but before that i joined couple of friends doing onyxia when i was lvl 58, died at first breath, watched an amazing fight of a dragon and 3 friends, got loot too

    good times good times

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    Kara was my first raid. Wotlk had just come out. I was prolly level 72-73 in wotlk questing greens. We got to the last boss Prince Malchezaar. Let me remind you I had no idea what I was doing. I was a ret pally. If I remember correctly he does this thing and you cant get close to it??? Anyways we got him down to very little health and everybody died except me. I kept hitting him and healing myself til I finally killed him. Everybody in vent was yelling and I actually felt like a hero. I felt like I made a difference in the world. Nah I just took out the last boss in kara. No big deal now anybody can solo him pretty much lol. Good times tho. After kara was prolly 10-25 naxx.

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    Kara! as for other raids for fun, Tarren Mill defence raid and revenge was fun.
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    UBRS for me : )

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    I think it was Stratholme, but it also may have been LBRS. It's been a long time. I do remember an epic dropping from the first AoE pack in Stratholme. There was some discussion over who should get it and I think the person in charge ended up just taking it and leaving.

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