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    Gruul's Lair as a resto druid. I was in half pvp gear because "epics!" and I didn't fully understand the mechanics or anything. We wiped a few times on HKM and maybe once or twice on gruul before we got it all down, and I later went on to do kara with that group of people. Good times.

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    If you knew you would run the other way.
    First time for me was Karazhan on my Draenei hunter with a good guild most were RL friends cleared it all was awesome still have the urn to summon nightbane, when we got good we pugged with others to do Gruuls and Magtheridons Lair were good times before the guild slowly fell apart as some went on to do other things like real life and what not..

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    Technically Stratholme or UBRS, but in the traditional sense, Molten Core.

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    Trial of the Crusader. I had a guild by that time and it was awesome. We never got to complete ICC after that though and they moved to other games.

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    Naxxramas 25man in Wrath. I got picked up as a pug, I was so lost but i had soooooo much fun. It was one of the highlights of my early wow playing days. Sometimes i wish i could go back to being so fresh, just to experience it all over again.
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    Karazhan. A wonderful place to start the raiding journey.

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    OS 10. I'll never forget going in there and thinking "holy crap the boss has over a million health" ....ahh if only that me could see boss health pools now
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    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
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    I am so triggered right now.

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    Zul Gurub, the same day I hit 60. Also got my Fang of Venoxis on my first raid ever, I was stoked for about a week afterwards. Then BC hit and it was irrelevant ):

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    Quote Originally Posted by hookus View Post
    Real raid was Kara, but I did participate in a random trade chat raid to Zul'Gurub when I was leveling in Outlands.
    o.O I was about to type the exact same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vindican View Post
    Technically Stratholme or UBRS, but in the traditional sense, Molten Core.

    I healed MC every week for around 6 months. Then I swapped to an alt dps only to realise, I had no clue what MC actually looked like. Had been staring at healthbars most of the time!

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    Karazhan. That place was amazing. They don't make em like they used to.

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    The 1st "Raid" I ever ran was in early December of 04 @ lvl 38. We had 3 full 40 man raid groups raid the Barrens. The highest level member was a 39 Paladin, he dinged 40, hearthed to Stormwind, and got his Mount. He was one of the 1st any of us ever saw with a mount.

    We did a few 40 man raids in Strat & UBRS, and both groups wiped mistakenly thinking they could just "pull everything".

    The 1st true 40 man raid I ever tried was on my Paladin in MC. The entire raid wiped on the 1st two Molten Giants cause the tank tried to tank both together. Me & another Paladin were the only ones with sense enough to zone out after that tank died.

    The 1st raid I was in where we actually killed a boss was Onyxia. The Judgement helm went to the Ret paladin who died to the 1st wave of whelps.

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    Gruul or kara on the very same hunter i still play today.

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    Naxxramas while at level 70.

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    Stratholme if i remember correctly

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    Scholomance class raid.
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    Naxxramas 25man (WotLK) Remember playing a PoM pyro mage. Let's just say it didn't produce the highest of sustained damage.

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    Zul'gurub, i joined half an hour after i first dinged 60.

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