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    I know they may not be traditional raids but scholo, strat and ubrs were 40 man raids at launch. So they're my first. Traditional raid would be MC

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    Not counting the original UBRS, I remember going for ZG20 - my adrenaline was high. Been hook to raids even since.

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    stratholme and ubrs


    molten core, we didn't kill a boss first night

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    Kara. Still remember the feeling. It was epic.

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    Kara was my first proper raid in that I didn't die instantly and wonder wtf was going on.

    I have a vague memory of joining an Onyxia group in Vanilla and dying almost immediately before getting booted from the group. I think I've mostly repressed that though.

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    Mine was Maraudon... no joke. You used to be able to 10 or 15 man it (forgot which). Scholomance, Stratholme, and Blackrock Spire were 10 man. I remember a video of a group of 8 Mages, 1 tank, 1 healer ran through UBRS AoE'ing everything.

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    Naxx 10 in wrath, some RL friends had finally convinced me to play, and once i got to max level they brought me along on an achieve run through naxx. i didn't do too bad, (did the whole +/- boss right, even aced the dance on haigan), but on Sapphiron i got tail whipped away from the frozen raid members (nobody told me dragons did that) and died. fucked up the whole "undying" achieve.

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    Karazhan, was fun times.
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    10 man scholo, then 15man ubrs and of course molten chore.

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    ICC, yes i am a wrath baby

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    my first ever raid group was a stratholme 10 man run with a toon and account i dont have anymore (undead priest)

    my first ''real'' raid was molten core and i will never forget that moment. even pulling the mobs was an issue back in the days and raids were using hunters for that specific duty. i had a hunter on my account but i had no idea how to play ( my wife leveled a female troll hunter on my account ) even then i had to level it and come to the next molten core raid. i did and oh boy, was it fun. since then i play my hunter as my main and for the memory of her first moments, i didn't race / gender changed her.

    talk about pixel bonds hehe.

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    lvl 80 onyxia, sarth, totc, icc. i started raiding around the time plagueworks opened up in icc. i joined a decent guild and really started raiding in the end of icc.

    never did ulduar when it was hard and i have always been sad about this.
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    Technically UBRS, but MC was my first.
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    Karazhan, with a pug. I had a lot of stamina gems (I've always played a mage) because I kept dying.

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    10 man Upper Blackrock Spire when it was till raid instance
    This. Followed by MC

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    ZG on a almost freshly dinged level 60 hunter.. I distinctly remember being charged by a mob and hit for more hp than i had at full hp ( had maybe 4,5k and got hit for like 5k ) that was pretty hilarious and we only downed like 2 bosses

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