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    Technically UBRS, but MC was my first.

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    Karazhan, with a pug. I had a lot of stamina gems (I've always played a mage) because I kept dying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vipers View Post
    10 man Upper Blackrock Spire when it was till raid instance
    This. Followed by MC

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    ZG on a almost freshly dinged level 60 hunter.. I distinctly remember being charged by a mob and hit for more hp than i had at full hp ( had maybe 4,5k and got hit for like 5k ) that was pretty hilarious and we only downed like 2 bosses
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    Naxx, we got spiders and military cleared before it all fell apart.
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    Zul Gurub during TBC >_> My boyfriend at the times guild was farming it for rep tokens and and I tagged along and won the polymorph turtle tome on my mage, having no idea how rare/desired it was. Once I'd hit 70 about a week later they dragged me to Karazhan and I spent most of the raid on the floor wondering how I died >_>
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    The first raid I ever entered was either molten core in Wrath, or Naxx in wrath. I cant remember for sure. Ive been in every raid since lk naxx, but I raided naxx during Ulduar I believe.
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    First time "raiding" something was 10 man Stratholme. First actual raid was Molten Core.

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    Molten Core. It was really boring and easy, but having shiny gear that made people stop and inspect me in town was somewhat nice.
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    Siege of Orgrimmar

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    ZG20, I will never forget the first moment I set foot in it

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    Plane of Fear in EverQuest... In WoW it was Molten Core.

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    UBRS/Strat. Can't tell you how much frustration there was with that: trying to PuG it by staying in trade for hours to get ten people (before LFR/LFG or even raid tools to help find a raid), getting to UBRS and having 2-3 wipes on whelps (the origins of the Leroy Jenkins meme), then having the whole raid collapse after a hunter jumped down into the proving ground area without dismissing a pet. It was awful. Without an organized raid, we'd wipe until the group disbanded and only had a success rate of about 15%. Strat wasn't as bad on the silly wipes, but it was still hard. Loved going back when they changed it from a 15man to a 5man and added speed runs for upgraded loot. The origins of the first heroic, but it took a lot of skill and strategy to discover what mobs you could leave (and then tip-toeing past them)

    MC, on the other hand was awesome. I finally got into a competitive guild and we cleared that stuff quick. Lots of trash by today's standards, but really reasonable at the time and we were desperate for loot. The mechanics were really weak, though. Not nearly as tight as 10mans or even 25mans today. It only took a few semi-wipes to realize that the whole raid could be done with 10 people paying attention, which was pretty sad when you consider it was designed to be run with 40. Classes were also completely imbalanced to the point of being broken.

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    Molten Core, it was intimidating. These two giants in the front. Everything could kill you instantly, one of the best moments of my online life

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    ICC. And as Illi said.. I was not prepared
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    Ubrs/scholo and MC when it was patched in (tbh, I dont count ubrs/scholo as a raid because it was relatively easy), the game really sucked back then :P (altough it was new so it was still fun)

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    Ubrs/scholo/strat, but I don't tend to count them as proper raids (even though they were for over 5 players back then) thus molten core being my first "proper" raid instance.
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    I was in a ZG raid or two, and a few attempts at filling an MC raid, but the first real raid I actually completed was Karazhan. Loved that place, though the damned healing shield from Chess like never dropped for me ><.

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    Karazhan, I remember I went in on my fire mage I can't imagine how we killed any bosses but it was fun, very social, got me hooked into raiding straight away.

    My mage was horribly geared and I took pvp gear for whatever reason I was thinking at the time, I didn't know how to use keybindings and I think I was only kept about because I had polymorph i'm pretty sure. great times!
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    Karazhan, best raid ever (only because of its theme).
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