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    Karazhan...huh...I wanna go back in time...Theatre event <3

    Got the mount on the first attempt after someone in the raid told me how to /roll...Don't worry...I payed for this...every other raidmount refused to be mine since then

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    Started playing in Dragon Soul as a casual and made my way up to the #49 West 10man... before I quit hardcore raiding for good, that is :P Guess I'm a fast learner, huh?

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    Scholomance was 10man back in the day, guess that would count now.

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    Zul'Gurub. Spent like 5 months off-tanking it and never got a single item cause the dickhead Raidleader kept giving the tank loot to his brother, who was dps no less.

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    ICC, purely because no one else was online in guild, and a shitty shadow priest listening to tactics is better than a pug.

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    Dunno if you count any of the old 15 man dungeons, then it would be scholo if not MC.

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    Normal mode Firelands. Was fun, we got to Ragnaros until I stopped raiding.

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    Mine was definitely the original ZG.

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    Dragon Soul, cleared heroics in like a month, then stopped until SoO

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    Pretty sure if you want to count "intended" raid instances it is most definitely Molten Core.

    I distinctively recall showing up in 8/8 Lightforge armor with a crusader-enchanted Arcanite Reaper and being sent home after the first night and told to come back with healing gear.

    I promptly re-rolled Warrior and didn't raid again until nearly when BWL came out.

    If you want to start with instances that you could enter as a raid group; I guess the answer is 15 man UBRS or 10 man Scholo/Stratholme.

    So much UBRS though; I used to come home from college/work and do one run a night trying to get my Lightforge pieces.
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    Dragon Soul on LFR!

    Warlock main. I'm really bad at this game.

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    The original Alterac Valley. The most organic raid in all of WoW. Also, one of the longest raids in history.
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    Stratholme (Back when it was a 10 man) DId the whle thig in one go. Took nearly 4 hours if mememory serves <.<

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    Stratholme, then countless UBRS runs. Then molten core opened and raided that, though we 5 manned some trash before it was a raid, back when you could CC giants; I remember someone getting T2 out of MC, good old days. Ended up killing Ragnaros in late April/May. If I remember right, you could "raid" everything except Molten Core back in December 2014, and we did.. Those days were funny, people had on level ~40 items and had little idea of their class mechanics.

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    UBRS, was pretty chaotic as we were one of the first groups to attempt it on the server.
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    UBRS if we're counting that one. Otherwise, Molten Core.

    Stratholme and Scholo too I suppose.
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    Naxx 10, went to replace someone who couldn't come and I think we started at Sapphiron and killed him and KT. Next week killed about half of the other bosses. Was in full PvP gear too.

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    Uhhh I think Grull's lair

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