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    Technically it was Dragon Soul LFR, and then normal DS

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    Zul'gurub first raiding, MC first progression.
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    mine was gruul's lair

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    Molten core. Unless you count strat when it was still 10 man, or ubrs i guess lol. I never really count those as raids though :P

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    MC. I would hardly call it a raiding experience though, I was dragged along as pretty much dead meat by an irl friend for a few weeks.

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    Naxxramas in Wrath I think. Maybe it was Ulduar. It was one of the two.
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    Naxxramas :3
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    Karazhan, was fun tanking that back in the day.
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    Magtheridon pug in BC. I topped the chart with a whopping 900 dps as enhance. I know years later that I wasn't supposed to hardcast chain lightning when everything else was on cooldown, but it seemed like a good idea when I was 13.

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    Sunwell pug
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    First raid? Probably a quest in Eastern Plaguelands, Scholo, or Stratholme. First dungeon raid? Onyxia. The leader setup complex EQ style healing rotations, it was crazy and all new to me.

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    first raid i cleared is Karazhan, still love that place.

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    Lord Nagafen. Original Everquest. Unless you count a couple of very large groups put together to slaughter frogloks in Lower Guk.
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    Stratholme, lbrs, ubrs, molten core, zul'gurub (iirc scholo was never a 10/15 man like strat).

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    AQ40 then I had to stop playing for RL issues. I came back and tried Ruby Sanctum before ICC rofl that was a hot mess but still i had more fun than Highmaul for some reason. I think it was the attitude of the group--cool calm assigned roles and we killed it. I joined that guild and full out cleared ICC heroic 25 so smooth. I think the enviroment in chat madea big difference compared to nowadays. 1 wipe and someone trolls and quits I mean seriously lol.

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    MC if you only count real raids, otherwise it's probably scholo/ubrs/lbrs/strat etc.

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    ICC. Now that was a raid! An epic castle with bosses and enemies, leading to the big bad final boss. Excellent raid.

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    Scholomance 10man and it was awesome.
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    Wait, no, ever-ever, not limited to Warcraft - Vox I think.
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