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    Kara on my shaman ^^ <3
    My fledgling guild then went on to do ZA Gruuls and Mags before our Guild Leader dissapeared. I was an officer and struggled to keeo the guild going (I had minimal power =X, I could Demote, but NOT boot), but I got us organized enough to down SSC, three bosses in TK, and almost all of Hyjal.

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    Kara, that was so much fun.

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    ZG for me.

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    Not really, Scholomance was. I hate that stupid place.

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    kara! i love that place, its one place i wouldent mind revisiting @85 as long as blizzard dosent mess it up!

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    Kara was my first. At the time, I played my mage. She was my only level 70. I remember being irritated at the person forming the raid because they wanted caster dps to have 600 bonus spell damage and I didn't quite meet that requirement.

    I did by the next week though, and I had a blast! It's still one of my favorite raids, especially the music.

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    UBRS ftw! Oh yeah, those were the days.

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    My was Zul'Gurub. It was back in vanilla. I just wanted to try something else than brd and I made a pug to Zg when I reached level 58. Sad thing is we didn't got the first trash pack down.

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    lvl 60 onyxia...rawr

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    Kara, wish they would revamp it, was such a fun run.

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    My first 40 man raid was Onyxia, but I remember the lesser (now considered full raid) UBRS runs.
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    malygos 25 , i ding'd lvl 80 5 minutes before raid starting , and we were 24 so they put me in and ... sadly i did better than much other people who were half epic XD

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    Kara. As Arms Warrior. It wasent pretty

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    Thinking my first raid was Onyxia or ZG, started in WotLK, so first raid ive raided at correct time probably was VoA
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    First raid was UD Strat when it still required 10 people to complete it, then UBRS not long after that. My first "real" raid was Molten Core.

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    UBRS, shortly followed by a 13man onyxia with a holypaladin as maintank, did not work.

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    First raid was kara got kick right after horseman because I had no idea what I was doing

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    MC with my first char - warlock. It was quite a pathetic performance, as I've wiped the entire raid by pulling additional pack. Those 39 ppl weren't somewhat grateful for that. I still can't forgive myself for being such a faceroll scarecrow. Looted my first epic that night though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixartist View Post
    ubrs, was 10 man back then if i remember correctly, then mc
    was 15 if you go back even further.

    my first raid was MC at lvl 59. my guild needed bodies, and there i was. was still fire spec'd too.
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    L/UBRS, I was like 1 week late to raid Scholomance, before it was turned into a 5 man.

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