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    my first raid was Zul Gurub. it was in BC and it was a testrun with my new formed guild before we hit on Kara. Some of the randoms said that lvl 70 would be enough making that place easycakes.... well we wiped several times.
    Next was kara then and ot went very well cause we were alot more carefull

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    My First Raid ever was Zul'gurub , we killed Venoxis in about 1 Hour and then wiped our asses off with Jeklik. I think like 4 Hours or so XD.

    But i dont count the 10 or 15Man Dungeons. That would be Scholomance then , or Ubrs? I don't remember anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by babyback View Post
    Sorry my bad. But you couldnt enter below lvl 60 anyway.
    I think you could. Until i think WoltK you could enter raids with 5lvl belox max. 55 for zg/mc etc and 65 for kara or Gruul.

    We had low lvl paladins with us in the early Bc Days (Horde ) , and i know that i was in a McAlt Raid with my lvl 57 Warlock looting t1 for leveling XD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhalseran View Post
    Molten Core, hours after I hit level 60. The only group stuff I ever did before that was Deadmines and Stockades, so I was completely lost.
    What about attunement?

    Mine was MC too.

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    Gruul's Lair. I honestly don't remember it being all epic and stuff and I don't get nostalgic about it. I wasn't much for Karazhan or Mag's either. I did love ZA and TK though. So freaking amazing the both of them. I played starting in 1.6 but didn't hit max level until 2.2. Warrior leveling was just AARrRRRGHGHG!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kesolovac View Post
    Stratholme and Scholomance were 10man raids, and then they were changed to 5 man dungeons.
    Were those ever really considered raids though? You can get 10 people into UBRS but I'm pretty sure that's just considered a regular dungeon.
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    Naxx 25 Wish I could've done Kara and BT at 70 though.
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    Gruuls. I just dinged 70 as a blues/greens mage and was told to mage tank. The hunters in the group misdirected EVERYTHING to me and I was blamed for the wipe, which was no bueno. Made a promise to study a raid before I went in so I didn't derp it up like I thought I did in Gruuls, and so far I havent messed that up. Gruuls. Was. AWESOME
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    If it actually counts as a raid (and not as a loot-piñata) TotC

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    Legit raid, MC (UBRS, Strat etc... whatever).

    Holy pally, rebuffing every five minutes, being designated as the out-of-combat rezzer sometimes... it was a blast. Haha.
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    Kara!!! lol fun times

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    Random Tarren Mill RAID while leveling up my first character. This was back when fights between TM and SS would take 6-8 hours and BG's were server que only and would take like 40min to get in one, and sometimes AV lasted for days...

    most yall so jelly you missed that.

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    Kara followed by Gruul's Lair and then Maggy. Got full T4 in 1 night (5hours of raiding)


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    Kara was mine back during BC.

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    Kara was mine just dinged 70 and my guild asked me to OT it needless to say it was a night filled with laughter and good times one of the best wow memory's i have

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    I hit lvl 70 two days before 2.3. And my first was ZA - didn't kill any bosses tho, but still was fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brofl View Post
    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.
    Since we're not counting UBRS, LBRS, Scholomance or Stratholme then Molten Core on my Hunter.

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    Molten Core... OMG good ole days. i guess UBRS actually.

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    Karazhan, 3 or 4 bosses...didn't get far, but yeah...the tanking belt was nice.

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    It was Karazhan... Good old days
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