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    molten core.

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    Karazhan. When I went in there, I was instatly hooked. Loved it for it's beautiful music, it's architecture / scenery, it's bosses (I thought the opera boss rotation was very cool and fun, though I still holdge a grudge against the Romeo & Juliet one), it's story. It's still my favorite raid after all these years.

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    I didn't consider UBRS a real raid back then (although 15 man would be a raidgroup). So my first real raid would be Azuregos even before we went to Molten Core.

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    ToC Started mid-WotLK

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    UBRS and then Molten Core

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    not sure if you wanna count scholo as a raid, otherwise ubrs, then mc

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkare View Post
    So my first real raid would be Azuregos even before we went to Molten Core.
    I miss green dragons / azuregos ... kinda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    UBRS in lvl 60
    This. Could also be Stratholme or Scholomance 10 man, but I don't remember (but I remember the QQ when Scholo/Strat was changed that it could only be done by 5 man and no longer by 10).

    Real Raid, Molten Core. 4 hours till the first wipe and that was at trash after Garr. xD

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    Molten Core, as a lvl 58 warrior, just when mc hit

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    New Naxxramas. 700 dps means OP Rogue which just lvled up.

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    naxx 10, everything downed. It also was guild's first raid and we almost got 'the Undying', felt like i got boosted

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    kara, then bt, then mt, and then i decided to stop waisting time and just level to 80 (lk was out by the time i hit 70)
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    Molten Core was my first raid.

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    Zul'Grub as a tank in Blues and Greens for my guild.

    Exploding Bat Vs Bear with 9.8k Health (Vanilla still).

    I was the clear winner.

    The healthers didn't know what the heck was going on.

    Edit: UBRS I forgot, stealth run with another 2 druids and one with another druid and a rogue. Also did a serious run of it. Man that was long ago O.o
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    Aw man, i think it was 40man Molten Core or UBRS..lol i remember MC though, we did it with our guild and another, and soon after morphed them together!

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    UBRS then MC

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    Molten Core pug while only one guild on Thunderhorn (US) had killed Ragnaros.
    I was mostly wearing blues with a few greens left, and after 5 hours we finally killed Lucifron. 3 Magmadar wipes later, we called it a night.

    Those were the (crappy) days.

    Don't listen to people who tell you the game was better back then hahaha.

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    Trial of the Crusader! (Yeah I know. O.o)

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    Karazhan, started about 2 months before TBC so didn't raid vanilla.

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