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    I don't really count getting attuned to MC etc being a real raid. I actually jumped straight into MC before doing the scholo/ubrs raids after hitting 60 because MC was just released and the guild needed healers.

    So my first raid would be MC, the queue time was 2 hours on Dragonmaw EU, then it took another hour to even get inside the entrance because Blackrock Mountain was a real gank/Lagfest with all horde and alliance guilds inside 1 mountain. With the PCs back then you always died running straight off the cliff and with the lava not loading properly you could enjoy a nice corsperun. Fellow priests with a proper PC were mindcontrolling ppl and running them into the lava themselves.

    When inside I found myself standing beside 5/6 mages conjuring water which they had been conjuring for the past hour, saw them conjure 3 times and then drinking up wasting 1/6 water they just made and starting over. Didn't think anything of it at the time but that must've been a real pain in the ass to do that every single raid. (Not to mention if they would ever disconnect after creating a lot of water and not being back in time for it to disappear....) For me, only the costs of the candles to buff hurt my very weak amount of gold.

    My job was to keep powerword:Shield (and renew) on the tank at all times ! (lol). We failed miserably on Lucifron during this first raid which was actually the first raid for everyone in the guild. During the ~7th try I disconnected only to find myself in a one hour queue again. All in all if felt really really good even though you were wiping all night and trying to reconnect and beat the laggy shitfps etc. That imp cave felt really scary.

    I can't really remember it that well but I think we had a healerrotation even for lucifron, maybe though I'm mistaken with another boss, was real fun to hear the call HEALER GROUP 2 ! and start healing, felt like now it was your time to shine when the call came. (And when they called another group you really liked just wanding and looking at wtf everyone else was doing)
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    Stratholme at level 54

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    Kara, in the second half of BC.

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    Strat, Scholo and Blackrock Spire 10 man. Hell yeah best time of my Life

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    Strat and UBRS.

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    One of the now-5 mans back in vanilla, either BRS, Strat, Scholo, or even BRD (when it was 10 mannable).

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    MSV... >///> <///<
    Everyone has to start somewhere, ok?
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    It's kinda amazing how many hands these guys have, anyway. Our tank pally can put his hands on 3 different people and still hold his weapon and shield and make unsavory gestures towards enemies.

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    Molten Core, I did not level fast enough to get in the UBRS/LBRS/others when they were 10 mans
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    Counting raids that are on REAL servers?

    Naxx at level 80 (when it was still current content, actually.) I had a friend who was buddies with a popular 25man guild, and they carried me through an alt 10man and I got my tier shoulders! I still have those. :3
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    ToC I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogglen View Post
    Karazhan. Was so fun.
    - Back when Moroes was actually a challenge
    Hmm, unannounced visitors, Preparations must be made...

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    Doing ICC 25m, there was a group that ran a pug 2 nights a week, and I decided to get in on my warrior... Great times. We had this paladin who could pull like 7-8k single target when he got his shadowmoure, was nuts lol.
    I loved it when I finally got my http://www.wowhead.com/item=49919/cryptmaker/url x2 for Titan Grip. Back then cleave didn't have the 3 second CD it does today, so in high rage situations (like the valk trash leading up to dreamwalker) I could spam it for days lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modify View Post
    Stratholme at level 54
    Same here. Was leveling as a prot warrior and a buncha 60's picked me up and made me tank Baron Rivendaire at ~lvl58.

    I remember getting odd looks at level 60 when I tried to get people for 5 man Live strat runs. Selling Righteous Orbs back then was my main source of paying for repair bills, only taking 4 others increased the odds that I'd win one or two.

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    I did random instances prior to being attuned for MC as it was rather hard for newly dinged 60's. So my first actual raid was MC, but before that I'm not quite sure what instance I did firat. The on e I do remember the most is UBRS. What a lovely instance.

    Blessings lasting 5 minutes was fun.
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    i levelled my priest to 60 as holy, then joined a raiding guild who was looking for a healer & went straight into UBRS (none of that apply on the forum nonsense back then). i hadnt even done an instance before then. i loved that place from day one & nothing since has ever come close to the feeling i got from healing that place & that was a very long time ago.

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    My first actual raid was Onyxia 40. I don't remember much about it.

    My first true raid at a max level was Naxx 80. Which was actually close to the launch of 3.2, and I had only dinged 80 shortly before then. As a warlock who had no idea what he was doing, had some weird spec (mostly demo without Metamorphsis, and going about halfway down the Affliction tree), and was being carried. It was fun though.

    Also, got my first raid epic there, although I don't remember what it was.

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    First raid was Mogu'shan Vaults.. It was so exciting and it's been so long that I really miss it. Gladly I can sill go and do it and it's not closed yet

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    Mine was Kara! Good times.
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    one of: BRD, LBRS, UBRS, Stratholme, Scholomance. I know it was level 54-ish on my tauren warrior.

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    upper black rock spire, my war got punted all over the place in the first room.

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