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    My first raid was kara, i got totally carried and was boosted to some tier, loved it

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    First raid in WoW? LBRS. First raid ever? Lady Vox.

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    First real raiding was in Bastion of Twilight as current content since I entered the game in late WotLK. Back when Windrunner Horde still had raiders they gladly took me in to fill their slot yet I had no exp at all. Sure we only killed Halfus but it was a really good experience for first-time raiding, using ventrilo, master looter and all!
    Baradin Hold's Argaloth don't count personally

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    Karazhan! Fuck yeah, Karazhan!
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    First raid ever? Aerfalle Keep in AC.

    And you thought buying food, pots, and elixiers was raid preparation


    First WoW raid... Ulduar.
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    one of the nowadays 5men instances: BRD/LBRS/UBRS/strat/scholo but tbh i can't really remember it prolly was too overwhelming

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    Hit level 70 and ran off with my guild to do kara a couple weeks later. We also got the zul'aman raid during bc, but that was as far as i got in that expansion.

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    Mogu'shan Vaults. I resisted MMO's for a long time and only came to WoW after SW:ToR went free to play in a highly predatory and cash-grabby way. I had done Dragon Soul LFR in late Cata, but never normal modes until this xpac.

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    Kara 10 man, Gruul's Lair 25 man.

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    for me it was ZG 20.

    i remeber i dinged 60 on a monday afternoon. the guild i was in had lost there off tank, so they wanted me to take over, so i got a full tank set from the zg run and the shield droped to. then we took down ony and i got the T2 helmet.

    Tuesday i was off tanking a full MC clear and if i remember right i allmost got a full tier 1 set on that run. best raid week for me ever in wow.

    one month later we killed nefarian for the first time.
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    Kara 10 man, Gruul's Lair 25 man. High King Maulgar seemed s hard at the time i thought i'd never kill it, good times.

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    I dont really count UBRS, BRD or Strat as raids, so I'd say Zul'Gurub.

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    ZG, at lvl 59. Did 1 boss and got a blue item !

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    Stratholme. Man, 10-man UD Strat was one of the greatest experiences of all time. I was so sad when 1.10 came along and took that way from me.

    Outside of that and 10-man Scholo (I *think* I did Scholo at 10 man...) it was MC, but then I realized I was horribly undergeared as a Hunter and didn't like DKP so I went back to PvP at the time.

    The first time I really, really raided was Karazhan.

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    I did 10 man scholo and strat way back when, also did 15 man UBRS. Several of those runs before I hit 60 (57-58 I think I started and used those runs to grind out most of the XP).

    First real raid was joining a guild run when they downed Majordomo for the first time. I didn't know what the hell I was doing with my rogue. No poisons, no Slice and Dice and running around like a damn idiot.

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    ZG was my first raid only did it once and downed one boss.

    Karazhan was my first raid that I cleared and farmed with my guild.

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    Kara, sometime before 2.4 was released. Good times.
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    Karazhan as holy paladin. Think it was 2.0 or 2.1 or something. Anyways, we killed Atumen + animal boss and i got healer epics replacing my current greens.
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    I think it was VoA, though that may not count. So Naxx 10

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