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    First raid entered? Molten Core.
    First raid done at max level? Kara.

    Got carried through MC at level 50 while leveling during early BC by some bored friends farming TF and Sulfuras.
    Eventually caught up and a little geared, at least enough to do a few bosses in Kara, up to Shade, where we wiped for something like 4 hours.

    Good times.
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    Most favorite raid ever was ZA tho.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slant View Post
    TL;DR: Did raiding kill WoW? Nope. But catering the game to people who clearly shouldn't be playing it did.

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    My first raid was kara, i got totally carried and was boosted to some tier, loved it

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    First raid in WoW? LBRS. First raid ever? Lady Vox.

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    First real raiding was in Bastion of Twilight as current content since I entered the game in late WotLK. Back when Windrunner Horde still had raiders they gladly took me in to fill their slot yet I had no exp at all. Sure we only killed Halfus but it was a really good experience for first-time raiding, using ventrilo, master looter and all!
    Baradin Hold's Argaloth don't count personally

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    Karazhan! Fuck yeah, Karazhan!
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    First raid ever? Aerfalle Keep in AC.

    And you thought buying food, pots, and elixiers was raid preparation


    First WoW raid... Ulduar.
    But it's fading away from my mind
    There's another "me" waiting behind

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    one of the nowadays 5men instances: BRD/LBRS/UBRS/strat/scholo but tbh i can't really remember it prolly was too overwhelming

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    new naxxramas

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    Hit level 70 and ran off with my guild to do kara a couple weeks later. We also got the zul'aman raid during bc, but that was as far as i got in that expansion.

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    Mogu'shan Vaults. I resisted MMO's for a long time and only came to WoW after SW:ToR went free to play in a highly predatory and cash-grabby way. I had done Dragon Soul LFR in late Cata, but never normal modes until this xpac.

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    Kara 10 man, Gruul's Lair 25 man.

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    for me it was ZG 20.

    i remeber i dinged 60 on a monday afternoon. the guild i was in had lost there off tank, so they wanted me to take over, so i got a full tank set from the zg run and the shield droped to. then we took down ony and i got the T2 helmet.

    Tuesday i was off tanking a full MC clear and if i remember right i allmost got a full tier 1 set on that run. best raid week for me ever in wow.

    one month later we killed nefarian for the first time.
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    Kara 10 man, Gruul's Lair 25 man. High King Maulgar seemed s hard at the time i thought i'd never kill it, good times.

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    I dont really count UBRS, BRD or Strat as raids, so I'd say Zul'Gurub.

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    ZG, at lvl 59. Did 1 boss and got a blue item !

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    Stratholme. Man, 10-man UD Strat was one of the greatest experiences of all time. I was so sad when 1.10 came along and took that way from me.

    Outside of that and 10-man Scholo (I *think* I did Scholo at 10 man...) it was MC, but then I realized I was horribly undergeared as a Hunter and didn't like DKP so I went back to PvP at the time.

    The first time I really, really raided was Karazhan.

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    I did 10 man scholo and strat way back when, also did 15 man UBRS. Several of those runs before I hit 60 (57-58 I think I started and used those runs to grind out most of the XP).

    First real raid was joining a guild run when they downed Majordomo for the first time. I didn't know what the hell I was doing with my rogue. No poisons, no Slice and Dice and running around like a damn idiot.

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    ZG was my first raid only did it once and downed one boss.

    Karazhan was my first raid that I cleared and farmed with my guild.

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