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    Kara, sometime before 2.4 was released. Good times.
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    Karazhan as holy paladin. Think it was 2.0 or 2.1 or something. Anyways, we killed Atumen + animal boss and i got healer epics replacing my current greens.
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    I think it was VoA, though that may not count. So Naxx 10

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    UBRS/LBRS, strat were my first 10/15 man raids, but organised was molten core, started raiding around the time Blackwing Lair came out.

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    I think it was ZA back in TBC, but I'm not entirely sure.

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    I'm pretty sure it was BRD, full clear to the Emperor. I actually remember finding those dwarves jailed in the walls crying for help quite disturbing, made the place feel really dark.
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    Karazhan as resto shaman without raidframes.

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    Not sure about that.. My first "real" Raid would be Molten Core, but the first instances i actually did in a raid group, were Stratholme, UBRS and Scholomance.. I think UBRS was the first one, I entered.

    edit: This warlock is also my first and only main character ever. So the first raid boss, I magically happende to get a raid spot on was Garr :P
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    when was there ever a que for MC or for that matter any other raids other then CATA and MOP

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    I guess it would be UBRS then since it did require a 10 man raid to complete in the beginning of vanilla, otherwise I'd say Molten Core.
    Vanilla was so long ago, was Stratholme and Scholo also 10/15? I can't remember anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    Doing ICC 25m, there was a group that ran a pug 2 nights a week, and I decided to get in on my warrior... Great times. We had this paladin who could pull like 7-8k single target when he got his shadowmoure, was nuts lol.
    I loved it when I finally got my http://www.wowhead.com/item=49919/cryptmaker/url x2 for Titan Grip. Back then cleave didn't have the 3 second CD it does today, so in high rage situations (like the valk trash leading up to dreamwalker) I could spam it for days lol.
    7-8k? That is nuts lol we had hunters doing 17-18k single-target pre icc buff on icc 25 hc.

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    UBRS when it was still 15. For 40's it would've been Onyxia and MC.

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    My first raid was Onyxia in vanilla, in full pvp feral gear

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    Did 10m with a guild I found on a server. :P

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    Onyxia..... In Wrath! Oh god I was bad then, so bad. I remember my real life friend being over and inviting me to the 25 m group, I was in awe that I could finally attempt a boss and he simply said "If you die its your fault, use tremor totem when it fears." and I simply chain healed my little heart out.

    Good times...
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    Late to the party!

    Blackwing Descent as an Enhancement Shaman. Completely casual, never done anything with importance, and I was on interrupt duty for Halfus.

    Needless to say, a ton of Shadow Novas got off, but on our last pull I was the last one standing and I got the Mail bracers as a reward

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    ToC. Didn't really know what was going on for the most part, had no idea on any mechanics. Just focused on DPS'ing and making sure I moved about and avoided anything that may get me killed.

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    MC. Got invited by this other guild because they were working on Garr and I was a lock and they needed a banish for his adds. Was just amazed by the whole place. Right there I knew I wanted to raid.

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    Kara... So much fun with so little accomplished. I think in the 2 hours spent in there we downed Huntsman after many wipes. Couldn't even come closer to killing Moroes.

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