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    Level 80 Naxxramas on my Hunter. Fun times. I used to pug every week 25 man and got all of my cryptstalker and the bad ass gun from KT before I started raiding with an actual guild.

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    ubrs haha back at 60. was awesome

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    Wrath baby here so Naxx pugs for me as well. Got into a raiding guild and started tanking for Ulduar. Game hasn't felt as epic since those first few weeks of Ulduar.

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    My first raid was Karazhan!

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    My first one at lvl was Mogu'shan Vaults actually.

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    On a hunter, raiding Razor Hill in Durotar on patch 1.4.0 day when they released pvp ranking system.

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    Scholo maybe? wait does WSG count? lol

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    If you go by today's definitions; UBRS back at lvl 60 when it was 15-man. However, no one back then actually viewed 15-man as a 'raid', so yeah, I guess Molten Core a few months after launch would have to be my final answer. ^^

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    Karazhan, healing Moroes. Garrote thing was a pain omg.

    My first dungeon was Gnomeregan and for some reason because I was still a noob, for months I thought that the entrance to Gnomeregan was the Tram in SW :/ >_<
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    Molten Core - we wiped at the first 2 mobs
    THIS ! Awesome how 40 ppl. were wrecked by these to Molten Giants

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    MC, or Scholo, if you count that.

    have quite a few fond memories during vanilla... though not necessarily fond memories OF vanilla.

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    Took me a while to reach 60 back then, so when I finally dinged, my guild took me in on the first couple of bosses in ZG.

    Must of been at that moment I fell in love with this game.

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    UBRS when it was still a raid.

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    ZG when i was only level 58 on my resto druid. I begged my guild and they brought me in.

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    UBRS 15, at level 52? Don't remember. But far below level 60.

    The first "real" raid was MC 1 Day after hitting level 60, with quite poor gear. It was terrible, but after long fights and wipes we managed to kill even Lucifron!

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    Bastion of twilight was first time I raided. Beginning of cata obv, when it was only BoT and Bwd out

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    AQ 40 ;D i had no idea what was going on

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    Karazhan. SO much fun.

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    Icecrown Citadel

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