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    Zul'gurub at lvl 70. I was in a guild with a lot of people that had never tried raiding before, so we had a little fun run in troll land. My first real raid was good old Karazan. The perfect raid for a brand new player

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    either molten core or zul'gurub, both on same week

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    AQ 40, I shit myself at the shear intensity of it all.

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    Karazhan, but I did run MC a few times before level cap in TBC.
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    15 man brd, ubrs/lbrs, good times. but after for real raid: of course, killing rag for the first time 3rd guild on faction to do it was just an amazing feeling.

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    Black Temple, oh the memories <3

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    Trial of the Crusader in Wotlk

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    BRD or Onyxia. Fun times back when I had no clue what I was doing in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coar View Post
    What was the first raid you stepped into?
    Karazhan, I was so clueless what to do there as Restoration Druid.

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    Karazhan <3

    love that place still!

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    It was either UBRS while levelling or MC at level 58 on my Warrior. i cant remember due to it being that long ago :/

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    Don't remember, most likely Zul Aman @ 70, few weeks prior to WotLK. Before then, PvP 24/7
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    Icecrown Citadel. Only raid that actually felt like a raid before I did Ulduar since then and over the years. You actually felt like you were storming the fortress/hold of a King/Boss. Nothing compares to the waves and waves of Undead coming spawning at the entrance. Then you have Tirion and the Ebon Hold. Simply epic. I mean raids these days feel more like instances with completely out of place trash mobs. Dragon Soul anyone?

    Every trash mod in ICC was perfectly executed. The whole design was simply perfect.

    ICC has often taken a lot of slack simply for how long it was around for and people got burnt out, but it still offered one of the most epic moments in WoW.

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    Wrath version of Naxx was the first I successfully completed. When I attempted Sunwell back in BC, I was too much of a noob to handle it.

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    Started just after TBC launch.

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    I think it was Kara, but I forget at this point. I started playing in BC.
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    Molten Core. Man, that was epic and frightening (and in retrospective: annoying)!

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    Karazhan, started playing in vanilla but never reached 60 before TBC release.

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    Molten Core.

    It wasn't current content at the time, but still my first raid.

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