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    Karazhan, back in '07 when I was a total noob. Good times.
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    MC. Wiped on trash for hours. Got no bosses lol.
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    Naxxramas 25 ^^

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    UBRS and ZG, but UBRS was the very first ofcourse.
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    Lord Nagafen was my first raid if you don't count text-based games.
    If you are asking WoW specific, it was MC. I don't believe anything previous to MC was considered a raid? I could be wrong.

    <Edit: That just made me remember why I stopped playing a Pally... ugh...the number of times I had to cast Blessings...
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    MC. Server first kill in there and I was the first hunter with tranq shot on the server. I honestly had no idea what a raid was even about before stepping in there. Big thanks to a guy I leveled with who invited me in.

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    ICC, got to kill a few bosses before Cata

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    Onyxia I think, if not it was MC unless we count when those dungeons that where possible to do 10-15 man

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    Molten Bore.

    Such trash. Many hours. So long.

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    Well... the vanilla dungeons that were done in raid groups (UBRS etc), i guess.

    Or MC.

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    Karazhan, had crap gear, no experience at all, but had a good friend in this guild that were doing Kara at that time, so one day when they were missing some raiders he got me an invite, did 3-4 bosses with them, didnt impress and got switched when their member loged...good'ol days

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    X-Roads Raid in EU Open Beta, were ~100 People, noone >lvl 40, we got slaughtered in Ashenvale ^^

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    I think my first time in a raid group was an excursion from Barrens to Astranaar. Most participants, including me, were about level 20 something, so it wasn't very succesful.

    If UBRS counts as a raid, then it was my first proper raid. However, I would call UBRS a 10 man dungeon rather than a proper raid, so in that case a pug managing to kill few bosses in ZG was my first raid instance experience

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    Molten Core or ZG; I can't remember now. ZG, I think. I still remember the first Vennoxis kill, and I still have my Zin Rohk.

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    My first raid was ZG playing my Retri Paladin, remember also getting Pitchfork of Madness (blue polearm) from Renataki on that occasion! So nostalgic now that I think of it.

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    My first proper raid was Molten Core.

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    Onyxia's lair as I was leveling through. My first at-level raid was 10 man OS with a random pug. It painted such a terrible picture of what raiding difficulty was like, for me.

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