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    My first proper raid was Molten Core.
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    Onyxia's lair as I was leveling through. My first at-level raid was 10 man OS with a random pug. It painted such a terrible picture of what raiding difficulty was like, for me.

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    Black rock depths PUG before those old dungeons became 5 players. My memory is a bit hazy but I think we had at least 10 players and possibly as many as 15... We were doing attunements for a Molten Core pug pretty early on in Vanilla wow (maybe even before BRD came out). We got to Lucifron but failed to kill him after a few tries. Trash in that place was a nightmare.

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    10 man Upper Blackrock Spire when it was till raid instance

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    Molten Core progression raiding.
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    Karazhan was my first proper raid.

    Though I did do AQ20 as a priest healer, it was my friends character and he was a Shadow Priest... I didn't really have a clue what I was doing but thought I was awesome because I was casting heals on people. Couldn't do it on my own character because it was only level 30ish at the time.
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    Molten Core on the very day I hit 60. I stayed up late the night before to get attuned and hit 60 sometime after midnight. Got home from work later in the day and cleared to Rag in my first ever Molten Core (this was still Vanilla, mind you).

    I was super excited for the continuation raid later in the week... until the day came and not enough showed up. This happened literally every single week that I raided with them: strong first raid day, not enough signups for the continuation. It was pathetic.

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    First raid was Sunwell at level 85. First current content boss was Alizabal. First real raid boss was Immerseus.

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    first time i joined a raid group was for 15 man UBRS.

    first time i went through a raid portal was ZG, we were pitiful. first trash in ZG wiped the floor with us.

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    Naxx-25 with my guild.

    I'd been Retribution since Vanilla, and never specced anything else ("LOLRET!"). They needed a healer. We flew around Northrend grabbing as much INT plate that we could find from rep venders and AH. Couple quick enchants and threw bosses at me.

    No add-ons. Had no idea how to heal. Click players...push button...find another player with low health...click to target...push button... XD

    Been a healer ever since!!!

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    Ulduar /10chars

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    Molten Core
    Quote Originally Posted by Slant View Post
    TL;DR: Did raiding kill WoW? Nope. But catering the game to people who clearly shouldn't be playing it did.

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    Mine was ZG. was tough fighting for those blues at the time^^.

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    ZG. And I was subbed in late, while the raid was on Jin'do. I didn't know how to get there so I ran around the long way and while looking at the map and trying to figure out where I needed to go I aggro'd packs of mobs that had been skipped and wiped everyone.

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    ToT *prepares for shitstorm*

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    Karazhan. I walked in there for the first time on a Boomkin aptly named Notaboomkin.
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    Getting carried through Naxx-25 so my friends could have boomkin buff for Sarth 2 drake :P
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