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    Quote Originally Posted by La View Post
    Hahahaha...not addicted.
    Not at all

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    I play for aslong as I possibly can until theres something I gotta do or deal with irl. I seriously am THAT addicted to wow....I need to go to rehab don't I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkoverkill View Post
    I play for aslong as I possibly can until theres something I gotta do or deal with irl. I seriously am THAT addicted to wow....I need to go to rehab don't I?
    you say addicted, i say dedicated.

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    About six hours.
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    A tad busy right now so I am not on much but usually I play about 2 hours a day during the week and as long as I can on weekends.

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    The Patient
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    At home, most likely
    Depending on my mood, raids etc... it can be all from 2h a day to 13-16 hours a day.

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    from 15 - 24 every day of the week and 24/7 weekends

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    on vacation preferably all day;D - unless i go out...when i have school like 3 hours

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    ~5 hours on raid days
    ~3 hours on non raid days
    ~6 hours on free days, weekends.

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    I guess around 2-2.5 hours a day at the moment. The rest of the time am im playing ponynator on the street after i have drinken som bacardi and im naming myself Mr. Underpanths!
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    about 6 hours on weekdays with school, literally all day on weekends, it's cold in the winter

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    Probably 10-12hrs a day but more than 1/2 of that time I'm AFK/tabbed out.
    using wow as a social network ftw

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    I'll have to go by what i normally play because my wow time for the last few weeks is probably an average of only 1 or 2 hours tops per day....

    But normally -- on days I play (actually nights..I only play days on weekends or I'm otherwise off) I'd say 3 hours is my "sweet spot" most nights, on special nights like raid nights or once ina while a guild group just wants to do back to back to back 5 mans....I have been known to play for 5 hours in a single night.

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    meh, several hours if i have something entertaining to do or am just enraged over a profession (NOT LOGGIN' THIS THIS (*!& IS MAXED/CRAFTED).

    though meeting terrible players can irk me away from the game for quite a while. for example, when i was leveling my warrior through LFG, i kept getting groups with absolutely awful damage dealers. more specifically ret paladins wearing sword and board.

    after two dungeons in a row of that, i tell myself "if the next ret paladin is wearing a shield i'm quitting for a while". loh and behold...

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    Don't you mean, how many hours I spend off of WoW?

    Blizzard has my sould =.=

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    A few minutes to not playing at all these past few weeks. I don't know why this is so, considering how excited I was for the expansion. A little burned out and bored.

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    I dont play everyday but when i do and if its a raid night 4-5 hours than on slack weekends 7-11 hours but it can go down even to 1-2 hours or none at all depending on what i have to do

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    My normal weeks(playtime):
    Wake up06.30 -> go to work -> Get home at 6.15-6.30 -> Play wow raid/daily/quests to 23.30-24.00

    Friday-> Saturday: Play wow to about 4-7 in the morning from the time i wake up/get home.

    So miss the week that cata came out.... was home from work for a week... it was pretty much 3hr of sleep everyday. Never left the house for a week.

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