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    Mouse locking, am I turning something on/off?

    So sometimes all of a sudden my mouse will stop moving my character (except forward movement) and will instead only turn the camera. So i can't turn around with the mouse. Am I hitting a combo of keys that is turning on/off some kind of option? It's super annoying.

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    So, to clarify, you're able to move your cursor (and thus camera with left click) left/right, but not whilst you're holding down right click (which would move your character)?

    Could it be that the right click is simply not staying held down when your right click? Common issue with some mice (had it with my last Razer Naga, also common with pretty much any "gaming" mouse these days, all of them are poor quality :/ ). If it locks the entire mouse though, it could be the sensor/laser/software/whatever you're using... Not sure otherwise.
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    No no, I can't turn my character with the mouse like normal.

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