I've been having an issue where I exit a vehicle in combat, my action bar fails to return and the vehicle bar constantly flashes up and down on screen.

For example, when I enter one of the turrets on the second boss of Grimrail Depot, I am able to cast the abilities on the vehicle bar. However, when I exit, the vehicle bar basically flashes on my screen and my action bar does not return, making me obsolete for the rest of the duration (I can't press buttons 1 to = when this happens but I can still use extra keybnids). Once I exit combat, things return to normal, but it's cumbersome to have this issue when I need to control a vehicle during combat.

I hope that explanation makes sense... Has anyone encountered this problem and is able to pinpoint what addon it could be? The only action bar related addons I currently use are Binder and SpellFlash.