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    Tier 19 WeakAuras Compilation Thread

    Welcome to Tier 19 WeakAuras Compilation Thread!
    Here is a place where you can find auras for bosses on Tier 19 as also chat with the community, submit or request auras.

    What is WeakAuras?
    Weakauras is a well known mod for world of warcraft used by a large portion of our community, it allow players to create and share small widgets which can be placed on their interface.
    These widgets can be anything, from a warning when a spell cooldown is finished to custom alerts for raid boss abilities.
    You may get weakauras from curse.com here: link.

    What is a 'String'?
    A weakaura 'string' is an aura that has been exported to text, this text is nothing more than a large sequence of numbers and letters all in only one line that can be imported back to the addon. Users can export any aura to a 'string' and share it with theirs friends.
    To import a 'string', open weakauras by using the slash command /wa -> new -> Import.

    Is a Creator and want to share your auras?
    If you are a generous person and want to help grow this list, you may just reply this topic with your auras including a short description.
    Please take in mind that players from all parts of the world may visit this topic, so, the aura should use spell IDs instead of Spell Names, in this way, it'll work on any language!

    Raid: Emerald Nightmare

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/pR6aMdz4
    Encounter ID: 1853

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    Burst of Corruption http://pastebin.com/A2r0ZfWP debuff alert topic default
    Rot http://pastebin.com/2qiAkfxZ debuff alert topic default
    Volatile Rot http://pastebin.com/zNF3evX5 debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/gjj5WwLH
    Encounter ID: 1876


    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    Necrotic Venom http://pastebin.com/6V8Qzgrk debuff alert topic default
    Raking Talons http://pastebin.com/fpZzbatY debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/QtYNtHbj
    Encounter ID: 1873

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    Cursed Blood http://pastebin.com/kfPPDAvh debuff alert topic default
    Eye of Fate http://pastebin.com/vivKe09k debuff alert topic default
    Fixate http://pastebin.com/KJEc0XSh debuff alert topic default
    Spew Corruption http://pastebin.com/mQTYeieh debuff alert topic default
    Touch of Corruption http://pastebin.com/ae3davFv debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/sTzFbHTC
    Encounter ID: 1841

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    Rend Flesh http://pastebin.com/Rf5gevsh debuff alert topic default
    Overwhelm http://pastebin.com/ink5JevS debuff alert topic default
    Momentum http://pastebin.com/NLuNx5Sf debuff alert topic default
    Focused Gaze http://pastebin.com/PXQ152Hf debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/2dV6vZus
    Encounter ID: 1854

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    All 4 Marks http://pastebin.com/xthDdDgu debuff alert topic default
    Shadow Burst http://pastebin.com/NRszNgFS debuff alert topic default
    Volatile Infection http://pastebin.com/pHciqMNa debuff alert topic default
    Wasting Dread http://pastebin.com/rfTpd3fS debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump: http://pastebin.com/UEgEzqs2
    Encounter ID: 1877

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    Creeping Nightmares http://pastebin.com/Ph1bzQ1s debuff alert topic default

    Combat Log Dump:
    Encounter ID: 1864

    Spell Name Link Aura Type Author
    no aura here yet


    Aura Name Link Description Author
    no aura here yet

    Flask Buff IDs
    Flask of the Seventh Demon: 188033
    Flask of the Whispered Pact: 188031
    Flask of the Countless Armies: 188034
    Flask of Ten Thousand Scars: 188035

    Rune Buff IDs
    Defiled Augmentation: 224001

    Potion Buff IDs
    Potion of the Old War: 188028
    Potion of Deadly Grace: 188027
    Unbending Potion: 188029
    Ancient Mana Potion: 188017
    Leytorrent Potion: 188030

    Food Buff IDs (Tier 1)
    225 Haste: 201330
    225 Versatility: 201334
    225 Mastery: 201332
    225 Critical: 201223

    Food Buff IDs (Tier 2)
    300 Haste: 225598
    300 Versatility: 225600
    300 Mastery: 225599
    300 Critical: 225597

    Food Buff IDs (Tier 3)
    375 Haste: 225603
    375 Versatility: 225605
    375 Mastery: 225604
    375 Critical: 225602
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