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    help with tagging a pet after spawning it to tank for me

    I am a monk brewmaster. there is times when I get screwed over by the boss and my health is really low so I summon xuen, have him taunt it off me and tank the target. I do this manually but most healers will not take the hint when I healing myself and will not switch to xuen unless they are in my guild. I wanted to make a macro that yells out

    "Xuen is tanking now"
    summon xuen who will taunt because I have taunt active
    then target it with the circle
    then go into zen meditation

    can't seem to get it to tag though.
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    You mean like...

    /say Xuen is tanking now.
    /cast Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
    /SetRaidTarget(Xuen, 2)

    Then use Zen meditation the normal way, because you can't easily put 2 casts in one macro without also spamming the /say again.

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