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    How to macro a macro?

    Hello there,
    i have stupid question. How do i macro a macro?
    Macro A: /cast avenging wrath
    /use 14

    Macro B: #showtooltip
    /cast [mod:shift] divine protection; [nomod]crusader strike; [mod:alt] Macro A

    Soo i wonder how do i set macro B to work together with macro A, if that is even possible.

    thanks for answers

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    You can't directly macro a macro but you can macro clicking an action bar button where that macro is placed. See the "Simulating button clicks" section on http://www.wowwiki.com/Making_a_macro

    So, create some macros, place them on a bar then create a master macro using the button click option to "click" the other macros.

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    /cast [mod:shift] divine protection; [nomod]crusader strike; [mod:alt] Avenging Wrath
    /use [mod:alt] 14

    This will do what you requested above in one macro.

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    Ah thanks guys.. helps alot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veresa View Post
    Ah thanks guys.. helps alot!
    One thing to be aware of: you can cast one, and only one, spell that is on the GCD in any given macro. If it is on the GCD and on cooldown, that counts, so you can't chain things together to pick the "first available" spell or anything.

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