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    Frost Mage dummy training?

    First post pew pew!
    Anyway, was wondering if there has been any posts about training on dummies as frost? I mean if a fix is coming since you can't use Deep Freeze properly on the bossdummies. This would be nice so you don't have to train a whole new specc during a raid like I got to do on Nefarian, best boss to train on right? I was looking through the forumposts but not that thural and I haven't seen any blue posts on this? I might have missed it but I would appreciate if someone had some answers about this :P

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    It's annoying, for sure, but keep in mind that the dummy is a really bad representative of actual raid dps. I do about 20% less on the dummy than in a raid in most circumstances. It's more for practicing your rotation, so just go ahead and do your double deep freeze with cold snap to start the fight like you would on a real boss. You'll still get a slight dps bump from the frozen target. Then take that practice to argaloth and try it against a real live target dummy
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    In blizzard defense, it probably takes an enormous amount of coding work to switch the skull level target dummies to be permanently immune to stuns. And let's not forget the unintended consequences that need to be imagined and balanced against. It could take SECONDS of dev time to code in this change, you ask too much.

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    Dummies are there to PRACTICE rotations, not to test numbers.

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    to test properly dont u need numbers so u know if your doing it correctly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lutharr the Dead n Damned View Post
    to test properly dont u need numbers so u know if your doing it correctly?
    You're not testing, you're practicing. Pretty sure you can practice your jump shot without keeping statistical tabs on how many you can make from angle alpha.

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    practicing rotations is more satisfying when my deep freeze does damage and I see a big number. This is about satisfaction, and the trivial level of work required to give it.

    Tell you what, lets make the target dummies immune to damage, what's it matter, its just about the rotations!

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