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    Basic priest leveling question

    My priest is lvl 72 right now, I am trying to just get through northrend as fast as possible. Am I better off queueing for dungeons and healing, or just blowing through quests as fast as I can? I do have all the heirloom gear and it still is boring as hell to level these days.


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    Blow through the quests while queuing as dps while doing so. That way you'll get a break every now and then.
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    Quests... since you can get your flying mount in northrend at 70 and if you have guild bonuses and the heir it will be so much quicker.

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    Both, i qued for dungeons and quested in the down time. If you know your way through the quests, it may be quicker just to hammer through them.
    If you have shadow + Healing spec this gets much quicker.

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    thanks guys.. I was doing questing, but since it was like my 5th time through northrend wanted to put a bullet through my brain.. but I guess I'll queue as dps instead of heals and quest in the in between time.

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    just an additional q so i dont make another thread: whats the best rep order to go for for priest.. i was thinking Hyjal --> Ram --> Earthen --> Twilight

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