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    Birdemic, okay, I'm sorry, thats more of a comedy than horror.

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    Go for Scream 1,2,3,4

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    I remember watching Hellraiser when I was younger. FML - couldn't sleep for several nights ;_;

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    "1408" is a great movie. It's not one of those "holy-shit-there's-a-monster-behind-you"-type of horror movies, but goes for more of a creepy atmosphere.

    You should watch it!

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    Friday the 13th ftw, all of em... NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnevis View Post
    I freaked the $%# out of my little sister one time by watching Stephen King's IT when my parents were out.
    Good stuff, I watched that when I was young with my big bros when I was in blackpool, next again day my parents took us to the circus...Was horrible, yet so exciting

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    Some best horror movies are as below:

    - Evil Aliens
    - The Book of Eli
    - Piranha
    - The Wolfman
    - The Crazies

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    Here are some horror movies that i enjoyed;

    -Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( original only )
    -Jaws ( nightmares for months after i watched this, all i could see was the big black eye )
    -Martyrs ( was good, the ending is really messed up, but it made me really think about stuff )
    -It ( another one that scared the crap out of me as a little kid..."cause they all float down here")
    -High Tension ( entertaining )
    -Last house on the Left (original)
    -Audition (Takeshi Miike, need i say more)

    Someone brought up a french film, where their were riots in france and this group of ppl that were running and ended up at a motel/house filled with cannibal nazis...the movies ok but the ppl screaming the whole damn movie got on my nerves. Not just once or twice, but for mins at a time, nothing but blood curdling screams just got dumb.

    Good horror movies really depend on your mood. I watch ghost/possession/demon movies when i am in the mood for some uggh moments when i am waiting for stuff to pop out. I watch campy stupid ones like evil dead when i am in the mood for a laugh. I watch the slasher/serial killer ones when i am in the mood to watch ppl (usually the victim) finally say enough is enough and kick ppls ass like devils rejects and descent.

    I will think of some more as the day goes and update/edit later when i get home

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    Rec 1&2 as someone mention. Watch the Spanish versions tho... Can`t imagine the American version being any good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crokey View Post
    You know you just wrote 7 paragraphs about some people you have never met, playing a computer game in a way you disagree with?

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    All the horror movies I know are already said by everyone...

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    Not necessarily Horror: Scary movies not yet mentioned in this thread (I think):

    - Irreversible (2002) just very unsettling, violent and sad.

    - Taxidermia (2006) hate it, it's so disgusting.

    - Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive (basically all movies by Lynch)

    - Jacob's Ladder (1990) I couldn't watch it to the end.

    - Pi (1998)

    - Primer (2004)

    - Videodrome (1983) and eXistenZ

    - The Cell (2000) highly underrated.

    - Solyaris (1972) Brilliant movie, slow, but ... uncomfortable?

    - Hour of the Wolf (1967) aka Vargtimmen, eerie and creepy.
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    Horror Movies suggestions

    So its coming to halloween again!

    Now I've got a movie night planned this year and ofcourse its going to be horrors, now comes my dilema, I need a couple of film ideas, That aren't top hend Gory, but heavy on the scare factor any suggestion? ( I would also be greatly apperciatve if you could inbox me the name as well, as Im rather short on time tonight)


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    You should check out American Horror Story, while its not a movie (its a show) it just aired. Its pretty interesting to say the least.

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    Well for starters... for being so awful and cheesy (probably why I liked it), I sorta liked Drag Me To Hell.

    And while it's not a horror movie, you should invest some time into watching Hocus Pocus!

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    Paranormal Activity 1 & 2!

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    Moved to Cinema/TV Shows/Music/Books as I think it's more fitting than Fun-Stuff.

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    Assuming you don't mind non-American horror movies, this one is perfect. Great sense of atmosphere and mood, and only violent in a couple spots(and nothing super extreme either).

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    Just check out asia versions of some horror movies, since they're more horrifying then american ones.
    Like to cantonese version of the grudge. There are plenty of "top X lists" on the internet. Just check youtube for some trailers, since I don't know into what kind of horror genre your are.

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    Guinea Pig. I think it was the 2nd part....smth with flesh in its name. Dunno if its the right thing for your evening since I dount this pretty "hard". Else I got no real clue about horror movies since I prefer splatter. If you dont mind those then I can vouch for Braindead (the mother of splatter :P). And for a bit more psycho movie, "I spit on your grave", just a brilliant revenge movie

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