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    [Movies] Good Horror Movies

    Anyone know any good horror movies? No one seems to know how to make a good one these days. All of them are just so clichéd and not entertaining. Anyone know any good ones that are actually scary?

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    A few good ones in the horror genre from the last decade or so. As far as "scary" goes, well... I don't scare easily (at least not from movies) but these are all quality flicks:

    1. The Descent
    2. Dog Soldiers
    3. Splice
    4. 28 Days Later
    5. Stephen King's Rose Red
    6. Daybreakers
    7. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Some more I can not recall at the moment, but those should get you started. All are intelligently written and display a lack of cheese. None of them are stupid, teenager, slasher flicks.

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    The Shining is probably the best horror movie I know. It's actually scary in it's way, unlike the movies nowadays which are just brutal.
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    best horror film i evar seen is Texas chainsaw both films. Meybe cuz I was not so damaged and after that film couldnt sleep that night, saw that biatch everywhere.

    All other horror films I watched after was not so horror than that chainsaw.. and i could predict what will happen in other films easy, so no fun horror anymoar..

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    The Thing (1982), although I guess you've seen that...
    Ju-On (2000, Japanise)
    Rec (2007, Spanish)
    Alien (1979, Sc-Fi horror of course, and I bet you've seen it)
    28 Days Later (2002)

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    Event Horizon (space ship uses experimental worm hole technology, goes to another dimension, doesn't come back....... years later, it re-appears and has brought something back with it)
    U-Turn (not a horror, but the ratcheting tension and feeling of inescapeable doom would put many a horror film to shame)
    28 Days Later ('nuff said)
    Pitch Black (only decent film Vin Diesel ever did?)

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    REC 1/2
    Resident Evil coz its hilarious
    127 hours coz its cool movie

    Most revolting movies i ever seen trailer off....

    Human Centipede ... that movie needs to get burned
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    The Strangers (2008) is a great horror movie. It's one of those "don't look behind you" type of movies. Also very realistic in that you can believe that this could happen to you.

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    The notebook.. oh wait..

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    The Changeling

    Its one of the best ghost movies out there.

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    Some good horror movies are :

    1. Evil Aliens
    2. The Crazies
    3. Butterfly Effect
    4. The Last Exorcism
    5. Feast 2

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    Psycho, Halloween, Silence of the Lamb, The Shining, Exorcist, and 28 weeks later.
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    I thought Paranormal Activity (1 & 2) were awesome.

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    Borat my eyes wouldn't stop bleeding

    who the fuck comes up with these movies

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    Diary of the Dead -it scared the shit outta me
    IT- I still don't go around clowns
    Nightmare on Elm Street- My parents let me watch this when I was 5 then told me to go to bed as soon it was over, didn't sleep to good that night

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    Probably The Ring and The Shining.

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    I haven't been on a horror movie bender in some time. Cloverfield was alright, but supershort. I love Pitch Black and the Riddick series as well (though Pitch Black is definitely the only horror one). Tetsuo: The Iron Man is classic, but probably not your taste. Necromentia was okay, but that's probably the newest horror movie I've seen. Sorry? Like someone else said, The Walking Dead is epic, but DVDs don't come out til mid-March.
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    Pitch Black was indeed good... like an updated version of Aliens. I'm looking forward to the 3rd in the Chronicles of Riddick, and hoping it is more like Pitch Black than the second (flawed) film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Testudine View Post
    I thought Paranormal Activity (1 & 2) were awesome.
    Paranormal activity 1.. absolutely horrible. It was very very boring. Did not want to waste my life with number 2 like I did with number 1.

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    try prince of darkness, its awesome also it has alice cooper in it

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