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    Quote Originally Posted by Prez- View Post
    They eventually went the way the QQ wanted them to go
    QQ WTB Resto Shammy Buff =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrothgrar View Post
    Wow, more nerfs. I am disappoint.
    It's only a nerf if you pug. In a guild group, you won't get the buff.

    It's an amazing solution, in my opinion.

    I sure wouldn't have thought of it.
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    No wonder 10 man is more wanted, BECAUSE SOTA SUCKS

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    I don't mind the nerf to difficulty, if anything to save some time on doing dungeons. I haven't tried any on heroics yet, I'm trying to learn all the fights so I can insta-Q as tank on heroics, right now I'm doing dungeons on normal as DPS. I'd be curious to know however, since 99% of groups I'm in are PUG's, which dungeons actually had the buff working in them, and which ones didn't.

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    Changing LotD to 15% still won't help the people that stand in fire

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    Cool, now we can AoE through the dungeons 15% faster.

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    Don't care. Raids are the places where tough guys stand out and newbie babies are destroyed.

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    I find this very acceptable. A very smart change, really, seeing how that the majority of the people complaining that "dungeons are too hard" are persons who rely on getting their whole group from LFG random and are quick to point out "well I want them nerfed not because I'm unskilled but because it's the other people who are bad and I just want a fast dungeon run!!"

    I rarely get more than 1-2 more PUGs via the LFG tool whenever I run with my guildmates. Most of the time never, though. But TBH +5/10% damage normally does not make up for the 5k DPS I see out of other level 85 players. :P

    But of course, +15% more damage/health will still not save you from insta-kill mechanics in a lot of the fights. People will still die horribly irregardless of the buff. They now just can't use the excuse of "Well I can't DPS and move out of fire at the saem tiem. (((("

    And I feel with this buff they won't do any more heavy-handed dungeon nerfs anymore.

    Again, a very simple, elegant solution. Good job, Greg.
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    ... Really? Anyone who is even half decently geared now (read ilvl 333ish) will faceroll with the 15% buff, also long as the people are smart enough to move out of the fire.

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    Rated BG change makes me sad, WS and Gilneas are my least favourite BGs

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    I don't get why people want heroics to be so difficult. Can't you 4 or 3 man it, if you find it too easy? Don't all paying customers deserve to enjoy end level content even if they are 12 year olds or 50 year old housewives?
    You can have in normal dungeon.
    With this buff and with better stuff, heroic is no more.

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    I never PuG more than one player anyway. This won't affect me personally. If failure rates of PuGs really was as high as suggested, maybe it's not such a bad thing. I guess we'll see.

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    Really Blizz? Cater to the casuals again and ruin Cataclysm. Thanks bros.

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    I approve of this change. Bring people back to the LFD system, make it easier to deal with 4 idiots in your group. Might even break out my tank again.

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    pug groups were fine as they were aslong as the tank didn't have 110k hp. sigh. what next 30% buff in BWD?

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    Don't all paying customers deserve to enjoy end level content even if they are 12 year olds or 50 year old housewives?
    A 12 year old player can still learn how to play properly, unless he's mentally challenged. Takes 5-10 min to read about your class and how to maximize it, and it takes about the same amount of time to read tactics on dungeons on Wowhead for instance.

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    After this change there should be absolutely no excuse for anyone to be under 10k dps in a heroic now.
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