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    Al'Akir for Priests

    Spent my first night wiping on Al'Akir this week. It didn't occur to me at the time to test Levitate, so was wondering if anyone else had tried that to move over the Ice Storm patches to avoid the damage and the slow effect? Does anyone know for certain if this does or does not work?

    We had trouble getting him into phase 2 with a full group of raiders, and at least some (many ) deaths were my fault for not being able to heal my group after Tornado Squall + Wind Burst + Ice Storm fail.

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    I don't think you can, in any case you shouldn't need too, the only reason you run through ice is because of windburst so you shouldn't be in it that long. Healing isn't too intense unless you have people failing at chain lightning. my guild had trouble with phase 1 at the start but once people understood the mechanic it's actually pretty simple

    Pro tip, you can Life Grip people who fail at Tornados.
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    I tried it on the ice patches on conclave and it didn't work there so I doubt it works on al'akir.

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    i put levitate on people when they go over the wind jump...they go so far...then die

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    It was one of the first things I tried (levi over the ice patches) but unfortunately it just doesnt work and you still eat both the slow and the dmg.

    Out of curiosity you doing 10 or 25man?

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