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    Cool ANIME your favorite intro song

    Wich is your favorite anime intro know the thing that every anime has. I got 2 right now.

    Log horizon (sounds slower in anime):

    Kingdom 1 :

    Kingdom season 2 (prefer this one):

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    Guilty Crown - My Dearest
    Shingeki no Kyojin OP 1

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    Sanctuary or the local tavern.

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    I don't enjoy J-pop that much to be honest, so when Eden of the East used Oasis for their intro, that one went straight to the top for me.

    But if you have to pick one of the j-pop songs, I'd probably go for Cowboy Bebop. Because it isn't really using any language whatsoever

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    Death Note season2

    Can't link videos yet!

    Fits the anime so well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcelos11 View Post
    Guilty Crown - My Dearest
    Shingeki no Kyojin OP 1
    Hate you for stealing both my answers.

    Too though cause goddamn.
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    As much as people hated on Guilty Crown I did love the OP. Attack on Titan was great too. Steins Gate OP would have to be my favourite.

    Does anyone else suddenly feel sad after listening to the Clannad OP's? =P
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    I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this. People are going to be like "I can't believe you chose that crap". But I've always been fond of the 12th OP for Bleach.

    For those who are a bit more old school. The English OP for Technoman IMO was always better than the Japanese OP

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Angel Beats yet.

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    I think in the states it was called Space Pirate Captain Harlock or something.

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    Are ending theme allowed ?

    Ergo proxy ending without a doubt : Radiohead's Paranoid android !

    I mostly skip the opening credits for animes... Samuraï Champloo is an exception

    So is GiS : Stand alone complex

    I also like Cowboy Bebop intro
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    Don't usually like anime openings very much(like some but not very often) I tend to like anime ending themes more. Basically the only exception is Higurashi: When They Cry.

    Both fit the anime so damn perfectly

    ohhhh also this:

    Don't know how i forgot watamote!
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    Lo and behold THE GREATEST anime opening ever (IMO of course)

    Highschool of the Dead. (Warning: NSFW)

    Second place goes to Kanazuki no Miko

    Third place is a gem from my childhood. Here is the latin american version of the Opening of Shaman King.

    >_> see, unlike dubbings made in america, over here in latin america we actually dub stuff while leaving it as close to the original material as possible, that song is an almost word-for-word translation of the original japanese, rather than eschew the original song for a lame rap like funimation did for Digimon and Shaman King.

    Por que odiar si amar es mas dulce? (*^_^*)

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    I can think of a few, but the only one I have on my Ipod

    Zetsubo Billy! Deathnote Closing theme 2 by the mighty Maximum the Hormone.
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    I'm amazed none have brought this one but Neon Genesis Evangelion intro is awesome
    Can't link yet sry

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    This is kind of hard because I like a lot of openings from anime, but If I had to pick 3 right now I'd pick:

    Dragon Ball Z OP:1 (Spanish ver.)

    Spice & Wolf OP:1

    One Piece: Brand New World

    Quote Originally Posted by ZPIXE View Post
    I'm amazed none have brought this one but Neon Genesis Evangelion intro is awesome
    Can't link yet sry

    While I don't like the anime that much, I have to admit the opening is one of the best ever!
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    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - 1st Opening

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - 4th Opening (Really love 4. outro aswell)

    Fullmetal Alchemist 2009 Series - Opening 2
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    No contest, Buck-Tick should be picked way more for theme songs.
    I sometimes organise operas, like This one

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    Nisemonogatari OP 3

    Spyair - Sakuramitsutsuki Gintama last OP of season 6

    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S OP 2

    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S OP 1

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