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    Blizzard's Legal Department Challenged

    He says that while licensing would certainly be complex, it would not be impossible, pointing to examples like Everquest and Minecraft. He also said that he directed the drafting of the licensing of WoW to China. "I also helped draft Blizzard's TOS and EULA, so I know quite a bit about this stuff," he added. "[Beck's] just...wrong. I don't know where he's getting his advice from, but from a legal perspective he's dead wrong. Let's say 'He thinks he knows license agreements, but he doesn't.'"


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    He is just jumping on the bandwagon, nothing more.
    I might have had some faith in what Mark Kern was saying before what happened in Firefall.
    Just crawling out of the woodwork like the rest of them, now that private servers are a popular subject again.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    mark kern once again crawls out of the swampy depths to rabble off some nonsense.
    the return of kern.
    the kernening.

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    Anything about Mark Kern's part in what's going on with Blizzard belongs in the thread that is already active about Mark Kern.

    Also, lay off the large fonts and clickbait thread titles.

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    People will be happy enough to stand up for America if they're comfortable with what American stands for.

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