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    Hunter MM stat priority 4.0.6?

    I've just started playing my hunter again after the new patch and have switched to MM, wondering what the stat priority is. (ie. haste>crit>mastery)?

    Basically, what should i be reforging and what should i be geming.


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    But, with the recent change to aimed shot would haste become more important in order to get the cast time down?

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    Mmm... Not really because of the simple reason being Improved Steady Shot and MM is all physical damage thus Mastery improving your well.. Mastery .

    Same stat priority for BM as well if you were curious at all. Crit>Mastery>Haste

    SV is Crit>Haste>Mastery

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    crit > mastery > haste

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    Wrong. Crit > Haste > Mastery. Our hardest hitting ability (which is also our #1 source of damage) needs to have a lower cast time. You do not benefit from mastery as much as haste because we'll be hard casting Aimed Shot as our focus dump which delays our auto shot and causes less Wild Quiver procs. If you don't believe me head over to Elitist Jerks and check the data. Or even plug your gear into FD and stack haste and make sure you have the "manual and instant" option enabled for Aimed Shot.

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    Mastery is almost worthless IMO for MM, just get whatever you cant reforge out of(which is still a lot). I believe I read somewhere that you want 14.6% haste with the 4pc t11 set bonus (0.2sec faster cast on Steady/Cobra) to get those down to 1sec cast and with impSS+RF+BL you get aimed shot down to 1-1.5sec cast.

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    MM is a nice dps spec for fights where there is little movement such as Halfus, but for MM to do better dps than survival you have to hard cast Aimed Shot, and you cant do that while moving.
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    It depends on your gear, if you have certain ratings certain other pieces of gear can be more important.

    For example, 20 mastery might be worth a hell of a lot in one setup because it puts you into the next full tick of mastery, but on the other hand if it doesn't, it could be worth less than crit or haste.

    Thus, the value of simming. FD doesn't seem to be on the ball right now, though.
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