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    [Movies & TV] What's your favourite War-themed entertainment?

    -Doesn't have to strictly be a movie, could be a series or something animated, even a game.
    -Doesn't have to be modern, Could be a few centuries ago, could be ancient, BC, recently AD, 2000 years in the future, etc.
    -Doesn't have to be western or eastern, doesn't even have to be non-fiction.

    Schindler's List really put some of the horror of WW2 into perspective. Some criticize it as making the Nazis out to be almost cartoon villains, but I never got that sense from it. I think it might have been because I was shocked and focused on the depictions of what some of the Jews went through.

    Likewise, Band of Brothers completely changed how I understood the trials and tribulations of 20-something soldiers in and amongst Europe. It was like...suddenly having context applied to all those remembrance day assemblies in school, all those walls upon walls of names of soldiers lost in WW2. Both conveyed understanding and sorrow, and also managed to never let me forget that these were humans, men just like us; Not some legend to be forgotten a few decades later.

    I've played lots of games and watched tons of anime (I really liked Eureka Seven's spin on "freedom fighters" amongst the mechs and sci-fi anime tropes) but those two left an impression on me that has been unmatched. Full Metal Jacket, Behind Enemy Lines, The Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan, Iwo Jima, Fury, none of those really hit me like Company of Heroes & Schindler's List did.

    Do you have a favourite or memorable war movie or a movie based on conflict like that?

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    Good Morning Vietnam

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    Lord of the Rings films (Excluding the Hobbit stuff), if that counts.
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