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    Warcraft future movie characters...

    I've been thinking about possible future Warcraft movies(if they ever get made) and the characters we would love to see in them which lead me to think which actor/actress would play which character... what are your thoughts on lets say who would fit the role of Arthas, Jaina, Varian etc and all the other vast amount of character there is...

    for example -

    Ron Pearlman to play Thrall?
    The rock to play Garrosh?

    just fun ideas really
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    Tony Kebbel already said he was up for playing Thrall, and I'd support him on that.

    Thrall is Durotan's son, so there'd be family resemblance with Kebbel playing him. Kebbel was also the best actor in the Warcraft film, so bringing him back to play as one of the leading protagonists again would make sense.

    Since Bernard Hill already voice Tirion Fordring, it should be pretty obvious that he'd be the one to play him for real.

    I've always thought that Hugo Weaving would make an excellent Krasus.

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