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    Your 3 favourite voices in Hollywood (and beyond)?

    Now, I'm not referring to singing voices specifically. Though, you may choose people for their singing if you wish.

    But, I'm curious MMO-C, whose voices are your favourites and why? Would it be the booming baritone of James Earl Jones in his roles as Darth Vader or Mufasa? Perhaps, it's Carrie Henn who played Newt in Aliens and mostly came out at night. Mostly. Or maybe it's Freddie Mercury and his powerful and flexible tenor? Hell. Maybe you're a narcissist and it's the sound of your own voice that you can't get enough of!

    I'd say list 3, but up to 5 is cool too.

    For me, it's:

    Richard Burton - actor - His confident, Shakespearean delivery is the epitome of classiness (despite his decidedly proletarian beginnings). His voice feels like a smooth scotch.

    Jennifer Hale - voice-actress - I first fell in love with Ms. Hale's voice when she portrayed Thorn, lead singer of the Hex Girls, in Scooby Doo! and The Witch's Ghost. She really did "cast a spell" on me. She is also Black Cat in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, Commander Shepard of Mass Effect, Bastila Shan in KoToR and provides the voice for loads of other video game and cartoon characters.

    Laura Bailey - voice-actress - Laura Bailey has voiced a wide range of characters. Kid Trunks in DBZ, Rise Kujikawa in the English Persona 4 dub and Jaina Proudmoore in Warcraft. She also voices Argent Confessor Paletress (dem crit wounded sounds). But, it's Laura Bailey's more melancholic and sultry performances that I go weak at the knees for. Lust in the English Fullmetal Alchemist dub and Serana in TESV: Skyrim, for example. I also love her as 'The Player' in the Saints Row franchise. She gives the character a really charming tomboyish, playful vibe that really compliments their lust for destructive sociopathy.

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    Liv Tyler, loved her voice in LotR.

    Tara Strong, loved her Raven voice.

    Ron Perlman, loved his Hellboy voice.

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    Mine are pretty cliche.

    Morgan Freeman

    Scarlett Johanson

    Alan Rickman

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    Tomokazu Sugita.

    Hiroki Yasumoto.

    Masako Katsuki.

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    Keith David
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Patrick Stewart (sort of hollywood?)
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    H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob from Bobs Burgers, shitload of others)
    Patrick Warburton (Brock Sampson - a.k.a. "The Swedish Murder Machine" from Venture Brothers, Joe from Family Guy, others)
    Don La-Fontaine (All those movie previews from the 80s and 90s)

    The cast of Futurama are all excellent VAs, but when it comes to memorable voices, none beat the above.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Peter Dinklage (since Destiny)
    Natalie Dormer
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    Tony Jay

    Peter Cullen

    John DiMaggio

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    Morgan Freeman, I mean, what more need I say?

    Jennifer Hale. Rosalyn Lutece, Commander Shepard, Leah (D3), Avatar Kyoshi (Airbender and Korra)

    Steve Blum. Oghren (DA:O), Amon (Legend of Korra), Zoltan Kulle (D3), Grunt (Mass Effect). I just love his voice and his Oghren and Grunt laugh.

    James Earl Jones. Fucking Darth Vader.

    H John Benjamin for Archer and Bob Belcher

    Dee Bradley Baker for being able to voice Appa and Momo from Last Airbender (and I think he does Oogi, and maybe Naga and Pabu, in Legend of Korra). Seriously, I saw a video of this guy doing Momo's voice, it was unreal.

    And I gotta also say Alan Rickman

    And Mark Hamil for the Joker and Firelord Ozai.

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    James Earl Jones
    Don LaFontaine
    Sam Elliot

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    Morgan Freeman

    Ron Pearlman

    Gerard Butler

    Hugo Weaving
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    Leonard Nimoy
    Morgan Sheppard
    Morgan Freeman

    I can listen to these guys read the phone book.

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    H. Jon Benjamin
    Patrick Warburton
    Patrick Stewart
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    Billy West - What amazes me most about some voice actors is their range. If you didn't already know, you would never guess that Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Richard Nixon, and Zapp Brannigan are all the same actor. They all just sound so different. A lot of actors you can tell who they are pretty easily. Plus, how can the guy who replaced Mel Blanc not be super amazing?

    John DiMaggio - Speaking of. He has a very narrow range. Name all his most popular characters. Bender. Jake. Marcus Fenix. Wakka. They all have this hint of the same voice, you can tell pretty easily. But there's just something about it. He adds some kind of personality to each voice that, even if it sounds the same, it doesn't.

    Tara Strong - In the topic of vocal range, kind of in between. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not. But between her and Tress MacNeille, I don't think there's a show since the 90's that doesn't feature them. Timmy Turner, Dil Pickles (both ages), Raven, Bubbles, Twilight, and Ben Tennyson. I always forget one because there are so many.... harley! Yeah, think that got it. Nope. Two characters on Drawn Together.

    I get a little bothered by Patrick Warburton and Jon Benjamin. Both great actors, and I love the roles they play. But...they're not voice actors. They do the same voice...their voice, in every show. Archer is probably the most hilarious character on TV right now. But now every time I watch Family Guy and see Carl, the convenience store clerk, I hear Archer. It's annoying.

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    Morgan Freeman

    The honest trailer guy (assuming he counts)

    christopher lee
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    Morgan Freeman
    Will Arnett
    Emma Stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabos View Post
    Morgan Freeman

    Ron Pearlman

    Gerard Butler
    this my list right here

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    No love for Michael Dorn? His I.M. Weasel is still my favorite voice.

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    Malcolm McDowell
    Ian McKellan
    Mel Blanc

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    Shelley Calene-Black. She voices Kyou Fujibayashi in Clannad(dub) and Cortana in Halo Legends.

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