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    Death Knight Tanking

    I know it's common for Death Knights to use a 2H while tanking but I don't see why they shouldn't use two 1H. No 2H in the game has parry or dodge so why don't they just use two 1H with dodge or parry?

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    Death Knights have a good avoidance without the "real" tanking weapons. I don't go that much into WoW maths and everything, but I think we put a lower TPS because our abilities will hit only with the main hand, but I may also be wrong.
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    DW tanking is dead now. sorry dude. check out the EJ theorycrafters if you want more, but honestly, just take my word for it and save yourself some time.

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    A billion threads already on here and EJ.

    Short answer: 'Cos of threat. Go search tool.

    Some theads I found within 30 seconds:




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    It's not optimal, but it's within the realm of possibility. I haven't tried it since Blood became the dedicated tanking tree, but honestly I don't think the loss of threat would be all that bad; currently, after the first couple gcds I have an insurmountable threat lead over the dps.

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    If you want to continue the discussion with new info, please do so in the thread I linked above.

    Currently there's no reason whatsoever to DW tank.

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