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    Tectus Crystal Barrage Bug?

    Hi everyone. I was tanking Tectus last night, and on EVERY pull I would get Crystalline Barrage on myself without standing in the mist and it would not fall off. As you can see here, it is on me for over 1 minute as I'm chaining CDs.


    Here is a link to the replay. At time 1:08, Fiona gets the mist on them. They quickly move out and to the right of the raid. It falls off them at 1:20. At 1:21 the standing in the mist debuff appears on Elynore who was not near where the mist was. Elynore dies at time 1:23 and the debuff jumps over to me, despite me being in a position where the mist couldn't be, and wasn't. This was with Tectus pre split. The debuff remains on me until I die at time 2:19, and you can clearly see me moving around to try to see if it's an invisible mist on the ground and moving on top of others who didn't have it on them.

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    There was a bug like this during heroic garrosh with the black swirl stuff. Our fix was to step in the ground effect again and move out. Next time that bug happens, can you do that and see if it works? You don't have to take damage, just get the game to see you walked in then back out of it.

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    I had this exact problem with the fire in Heroic Grimrail Depot right before the final boss, the dot kept refreshing on me long after I was out of it and continued to do so until I died.
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