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    [Info] Helpful threads [WIP]

    Here's a list of helpful topics for DKs, if you have any suggestions, post it in a reply for this thread.
    Please only suggest stuff that's actually helpful. So while "what's your worst pug ever?" might be entertaining, it won't help anyone trying to get some help.

    Current Information
    - DK Theorycrafting on IRC - #Acherus
    - The Death Knight Transmog Thread!
    - The DK Solo Thread 3.0
    - Spoony's Simcraft Thread (DPS)
    - 6.0 Dark Sim Thread

    Old Information
    - Quick 5.0.4 overview
    - General guide to MoP DKs
    - Megathread - Beta Class Changes
    - MoP DW Tanking discussion
    - SoO 10 Man Tanking Guide
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    updated for 6.0

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    Cant wait for LEGION

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    are there updated links or updated threads? Did a 2 year pause and want to get into theorycrafting / DPS optimization even before leveling

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