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    Please help me with my 100 boost

    Ok this is just a silly poll, because I'm struggling with either Mage or Paladin to use my 100 boost, please help lol

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    I have a Night Elf male mage, which i roleplay as a Highborne of course, and i love him.
    Yes the animations are not the best but...i honestly don't mind.
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    Wait for gnome hunter and take Gara. Man gnomes need the the Tarutaru panic animation. (Final fantasy 11 midget race for those who don't know)
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    I'm baffled that something this simple can be so hard for some people... I guess we can't blame blizzard for dumbing down the game any longer, because apparently it very much needed :

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    Paladins are actually really fun. I'm not to keen on the draenai melee/casting animations, but paladin as a class is a lot more fun than mage in my opinion. If you ever get bored of dps'ing, you can heal or tank which is a nice benefit. Not only that, but frost and arcane I believe are the two top specs for mages currently and are pretty boring. Ret on the other hand is pretty interesting this time around. Thats from a gameplay perspective.

    From a pure roleplaying perspective, it would be a lot more fun to roleplay using a paladin class. Starting with original RP (kingdom, town, etc) paladins can roleplay as kings, princes, or knights if it's that kind of RP. I'm not really sure what mages would be capable of in original roleplays. I haven't roleplayed in a really long time, but when I did I used my paladin for it. Was actually a lot of fun.
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    lol this is so hard, and yes animations are not the best for night elf male, that's actually why I'm hesitating, but I know I will end up with him haha

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    How about giving some of your personal interests and what type of gameplay you are looking for? You're only going to get such broad and biased results. The best answer ultimately is to just try both out.

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    This is mostly just for fun and will not be my main (main druid), I usually play ranged classes that's why I was looking for paladin to make a change, even though I was thinking about healing.
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    Honestly I would boost the mage, in my opinion they are way harder to level than paladins.

    It's a lot easier and faster to level to 100 now, I've just leveled 3 of mine to 100 just by flying around and picking up the treasures.

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    We can't choose for you. Since I already explained that before, I am not going to explain it again.
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