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    Talking My RP Guild Idea [Concept]

    Recently I been brainstorming some ideas and I believe I have thought of a unique idea and that is: The Dark Riders Of Deadwind, Ever since I found out Ariden gets killed in Legion I have kept the idea in my head, So I was wondering what do you guys think as I would like to know if People would like the idea. Since there isn't a whole much of Lore to them, I will have to *Borrow* Some and have some ideas from other Games/Movies, Such as the Naz'gul and more of the idea that i've been thinking, A more Wild Hunt theme to it, combined with the current lore.

    - If you have any Suggestions/Ideas that I could use feel free to tell me.

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    That... Sounds like a pretty difficult concept, Aidan. For one thing, even if a rider dies, like the Headless Horseman, and the Naz'gul, these guys are basically immortal demonic things that will return eventually, even when killed. They are also rather single-minded, continuing their mission to gather powerful artifacts for their creator, long after his defeat.

    Single-concept guilds generally are short-lived. This concept, while possibly interesting for a few storylines, is very limited in scope. These guys all have the same interest. They don't socialize with others. And are pretty much very mysterious antagonists. Another problem is of course that they are limited in number, meaning you can't just be random Dark Riders. You are the Dark Riders from lore. Being lore characters generally isn't a great idea either.

    I hate for this post to be so negative, but I feel I at least owed you fair warning. Running a guild is hard as balls, and with this theme, you're making it very hard on yourself. Even if you manage to draw people in, it's unlikely to be more than a guild of alts in the end, that will unlikely to be favored for long, over the main characters your players will have in wider-themed guilds.
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    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Yeah, it's a hard idea but again, I'd rather not just do 'Just Another Insert Miltary/Guard/ Guild' The idea, is hard but unique, Maybe I could alter some of the ideas, To make it more reasonable for people to understand, And there's the problem of how little lore they have, It's not really stated if or if not they can come back. We can really only find out in a Legion Patch or Quest, If they decide to do a Karazhan dungeon that can make it clear if they can or not. If they can that would be a problem for it. :/. Although I'm still intrigued to at least try the idea and see how it goes. And again I would atleast have to add some Fan Fic to it the idea, Which probs won't go un-noticed.

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