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    If your character were an NPC, what type of NPC would it be?

    Is your character a common non-attackable NPC? a trash mob? An elite mob? A rare spawn? a quest target? a dungeon sub-boss? A dungeon main boss?

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    If anyone's character wasn't either a common NPC, an elite NPC, or a quest target (which is a bit murky), I would be worried about their integrity.

    But basically all of the characters I use regularly are in between common and elite named. They're relatively powerful, most hold a higher-than-average-joe's position in life, but they aren't too crazy.
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    An Alliance-friendly blacksmithing vendor.

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    A neutral, non-stationary vendor that sells tea and food. Can be randomly found wandering around on either Kalimdor or the eastern Kingdoms.

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    I could definitely see my Undead running around the Apothecary in Undercity working on all his alchemy goods.

    My Troll Shaman would definitely be a shaman trainer, teaching the newbies how to throw a good thunderbolt.

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    Chonar is a Mountain King. He'd probably be an Alterac Valley battlemaster, or a questgiver in horde vs alliance situations.
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    My Orc shaman is definitely a quest giver, friendly to both A/H.
    My warlock is definitely a killable quest target, hostile to both A/H, and he might possibly be located in an instance.

    My Monk is a non-attackable NPC fishing off the coast of Krasarang near the Anglers.
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    He'd be a vendor NPC that used to sell poisons but now handles engineering mats.

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    Elite NPC fighting undeads in Northrend just as I do from time to time (it's a RP thing, don't ask).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Chonar is a Mountain King. He'd probably be an Alterac Valley battlemaster, or a questgiver in horde vs alliance situations.
    Maybe you could replace old Vanndar in AV? I bet he's been looking for a retirement plan!

    My own charcters would probably be neutral I guess. I always try to get as many factions to exalted as possible, even before it awarded achievements or any other useful thing. I guess my rogue would be more of a merc then a neutral character although there are no NPCs like that I think and my druid would just aid those in need like Chromie who is also all over the world. :d

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    Rykha Firehand (orc Fire shaman) would be a quest giver. Probably sending you to burn stuff up, some evil dudes and so on, y'know the drill. *Handwave*

    Kasari (troll bloodbinder) could very well be a rare spawn. Or possibly a minor boss with some interesting mind-control mechanics.

    Tharrok Dawnborn/Lokann Stormblade (orc warrior/blademaster) would likely be an Argent Crusade quest giver who'd at some point be overwhelmed by the elemental bound to his soul so you'd have to perform a cleansing ritual and beat him up a bit. He enjoys it really.

    Yagmir Gramn (dwarf death knight), the self-proclaimed Dark Thane would definitely be a quest giver for the Alliance, probably sending you to beat up Hordies and then talking smack and being all "HAR HAR COULDA DONE IT BETTER THAN YE, YE WEE NINNY." Then he'd give you a The Day Deathwing Came style questline to tell you his (painfully obviously fabricated) story.

    T'cho-ka (troll shadow hunter/monk) would be a rebellion quest giver, after they've won and all he'd still be active though, sending you to take care of some shady business, keeping tabs on orcs, maybe pushing someone into a crocolisk-infested puddle or something. He really doesn't trust orcs anymore.

    Lin Ji (pandaren brewmistress) would send you to gather ingredients for booze, yay! After that, she'd turn into a weird booze vendor and sell you... well, weird booze.
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    Xandraith. Warlock, Undead. ??? elite quest giver.

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    A class trainer for a race that doesn't generally 'openly' support or isn't 'known' for a specific class. An Undead Monk trainer for example.

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    Goblin Hunter that uses engineering attacks as well as typical Hunter stuff. Patrols around Stranglethorn in camo, hostile to Alliance.

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    A corpse that you check for quests to be sure its dead.

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    The goblin girl who pedal powers the Zeppelin.

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    Mine would be something akin to the Fel Reaver / Devilsaur / son of Arugal. A Horde elite that wanders randomly and attacks Alliance players.

    Or maybe a semi naked undead, handcuffed to the bed of Sylvanas, calling for help as players wander by.

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    You'd definitely be killing me in a raid at some point.

    or I'd be handcuffed to the bed of sylvanas like the guy above me, lol

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    I would be a blacksmith apprentice who gets the girl.

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    Can I be an escort quest NPC? Just to be a knob.
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