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    Sick rogue name

    so im basically rolling a human female rogue. ill use her for pvp and pve but mainly pvp so i need a good name that would suit a rogue. i enjoy funny and even serious names please feel free to contribute

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    I think Berteh is a decent name - It's humorous, but you can see the awesomeness of the player in it.

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    my rogue is "Gorotsuki" which means "Rogue" in japanese. Like it ! have it out of a similar thread in some "how-to-name-my-char"-forum.

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    "Insert Random Asian/Anime/Manga Name Here" is THE name of all time, can't go wrong.

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    Veritas, that's my rogue's name
    Come to the Dark Side we have cookies

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    Angelusletum is mine latin for Angel of death
    Rogues don't have loyalties, they have contracts and their blades are purchased in gold.

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    Mine was Schattenlied 'Shadow Song' in German

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    Pick any combination of these words: Shadow, dark, killer, assasin, death, stalker, stab and you will be AWESOME and cool. People will look at your name and think "WOW that dude is a total badass"

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    karpoeda, Lillantu, Mawiec, Ignosi, Garrotsy, hymndrazill ;b

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    Cybold .
    "Live for nothing, Or die for something"

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    On second thought just look at your question, it actually contains the answer.

    Sick rogue name
    Well, call him Sickrogue
    Come to the Dark Side we have cookies

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    Regardless of class or race, you should always try to name your character "Udrogue".

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    I think Foxblood is nice:]

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    Seven is a quite cool name if it's not taken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raka View Post
    my rogue is "Gorotsuki" which means "Rogue" in japanese. Like it ! have it out of a similar thread in some "how-to-name-my-char"-forum.
    Really? I don't recall that word being Rogue in Japanese, but what do I know?

    My Rogue's name is Shinigamì, because, that name means Death God in Japanese. (Btw, Bleach fan here.)

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    my rogue alt is called "Yellowbar" pretty hillarious. Makes ppl think their grid "bugged" or other UI's wich use color class matching in their bars :P

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    my rogue is named Saikano on my main realm and Syaikano on my other realm. I really like that anime.
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    mines called Lealeia though (female belf)
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    "Rouge" - 'nuff said

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    My rogue is called Darlith.

    Why? Because my warlock's Succubus is called the same.
    Skoddraei, Draenei Shaman, Quel'Thalas-EU

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