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    Spec questions!

    So leveling a rogue atm, as assas. going decent is combat faster? Also at 90 whats the optimal pve spec ? Do you play a certain spec until a certain gear level and so on?

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    Have you, even for a split second, considered the possibility that in an already existing thread your very question might have been discussioned to death, ressurected, died again, got a new rez, waited for the rez timer, died again, logged out and cried already?

    Because it has been.

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    From the last 3 pages (deleted bot posts included, so a narrowed pool), these threads stuck out as answering your questions:

    Please consult the stickies, and those, as well as any other recent threads that seem relevant (there should be plenty). If you happen to still have questions after that, please post in the appropriate thread, and if there isn't one, post a new thread.
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